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Vivian O. Abalos

Vivian O. Abalos

Department Manager III


About Us

The Human Resource Management Department (HRMD) is the Agency's central personnel office committed to the service and development of its employees.

Over the years, the HRMD has developed an encompassing package of internal administrative services from recruitment to appointment and other personnel movement, training, payroll and benefits administration as well employees welfare and morale services.

HRMD stands foursquare at the forefront of the holistic development of SBMA's most valuable asset to meet the challenges of the future.


  • Manpower Development Division

    Mae Anne T. Macapagal - Officer-in-Charge

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4297 / 4294

    • Serves as advisor in the Agency's employee development function. It provides services, advice and assistance in accordance with the Civil Service Rules and Regulations, as they affect managers, supervisors and employees in the following areas: performance evaluation system, personnel movement, grievance, discipline, training and development, employees' appeal before the merit systems protection board and other related problems
  • Recruitment Section

    Haydee Liza F. Saclao

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4709 / 4231

    • Provides guidance and assistance in hiring, selection, promotion, and reassignment of employees
  • Appointment Section

    Gina F. Heramis

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4252

    • Processes appointments/contracts and other personnel actions/movements, which include promotion, transfer, renewal, reappointment, reemployment, demotion and separation; and ensures that all types of appointment processing are in accordance with Civil Service rules and regulation
    • Manages and maintains updated personnel master file, Employees Profile Database, Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) Personnel Profile for payroll purposes, organizational chart, accession and separation reports, and office orders
    • Publishes and submits all vacant and temporary positions to Civil Service Commission twice a year or as needed
    • Provides employment certification and service record as requested by employees
    • Provides SBMA manpower statistics, demographics and other reports pertaining to appointment/contracts
  • Training Section

    Edgar Layco

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4054

    • Responsible for the conduct of in-house training, as well as the facilitation of external training requests, making sure that these expenses are within the Agency's budget; and assesses individual, departmental and organizational training and development needs through the implementation of Training Needs Analysis
    • Administers the Employee of the Quarter/Year Model CS of the semester Programs
    • Coordinates/prepares nomination package of SBMA nominees to the Civil Service Honor Awards Program
  • Discipline Section

    Mae Anne T. Macapagal

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4297

    • Entertains complaints against erring personnel of the agency and conducts investigation to determine whether the concerned employee shall be held administratively accountable in accordance with Civil Service law and rules.
  • Personnel Services Division

    Ferdinand S. Roaquin - Division Chief

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4711 / 4292

    • Provides administrative support services, handles employment benefits and incentive awards; processes payroll, leave monetization, final pay and loans; and manages a centralized personnel record system
  • Payroll Section

    Jean P. Gianan

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4110

    • Administers the processing of payroll of all employees in accordance with timekeeping and pay administration procedures, principles and practices sanctioned by the Civil Service Commission to satisfy auditing requirements for government funds as provided by law.
  • Benefits Section

    Mae M. Fowler

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4135

    • Analyzes, evaluates and implements guidelines concerning employee benefits
    • Processes new memberships in GSIS/SSS, Philhealth and Pag-IBIG
    • Processes GSIS and Pag-IBIG loan applications and loan payment deductions
    • Processes claims from Philhealth, Pag-IBIG and GSIS including Group Personal Accident (GPA) insurance claims
    • Processes applications for Medical assistance
    • Processes final pay and leave monetization applications
    • Collates, files and transmits Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) Forms

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does the HRMD handle the recruitment needs of SBFZ locators?

    • No, SBMA has a separate department, which is the Labor Center that caters to the manpower needs of SBFZ locators.
  • What are the different modes of employment in SBMA?

    • Generally, there are two modes through which an applicant may be hired by the Agency - the career system or by appointment to a plantilla position, as prescribed by the Civil Service Commission, and through Contract of Services.
  • How does the HRMD screen applicants for job vacancies?

    • Applicants are screened based on their qualification vis-a-vis the minimum requirements of the position they are applying for as specified in a manual called Qualification Standards issued by the Civil Service Commission. On top of the minimum requirements, the Agency may prescribe other requirements as well. Screened applicants then undergo psychological, IQ, and trade/ technical tests (where applicable) and finally, are interviewed by the Personnel Selection Board.
  • Do I need a Civil Service eligibility to apply for any position in SBMA?

    • Yes. Unless prescribed otherwise, Civil Service eligibility is required for appointment to a plantilla position in the Agency.
  • Where can I apply for Civil Service eligibility?

    • The Civil Service Commission gives periodic exam for both Sub-Professional and Professional Eligibility levels. To find out more, you may go to this link
  • What are the salary and other monetary benefits received by an employee of SBMA?

    • The following are the salary and benefits accrued to SBMA employees:
      • Basic Pay
      • PERA (Personal Economic and Relief Allowance)
      • RATA (Representation and Transportation Allowance for SG 24 and above)

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