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Nolan T. Sudario

Department Manager III

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About Us

The Land & Asset Development Department is under the Business and Investment Group, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. It is composed of two divisions, the Land Administration Division and the Estate Management Division.


To support the thrust of the Authority by providing effective allocation of potential sites for development and to effectively manage its real properties and ensure proper valuation of these assets so as to get the best economic returns therefrom.


To become a dynamic arm of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority in realizing its vision to be at the cutting edge of selected maritime-related, education, health, retirement and tourism industries.

Our Functions

  • To administer all lands, buildings and structures of SBMA and ensure the best possible economic returns from these assets.
  • To maintain a database of all land holdings; to set property boundaries, per approved Master Plan, Land Use Plan and Zoning Codes; and to process and evaluate Survey Plan submitted by locators.
  • To oversee the allocation and utilization of SBMA's real properties in coordination with the Planning and Development Office (PDO).
  • To formulate policies for the management of all land and building facilities in SBMA
  • To manage all SBMA housing structures and facilities as well as oversee the maintenance of all residential properties.
  • To supervise generally the use of existing SBMA housing units, to market all housing units, to ensure the generation of optimum revenue therefrom, to maintain a registry of housing units, and to process Lease Contracts/Transfer of Leasehold Rights.
  • To implement/monitor compliance with the SBMA General House Rules, Housing Policy, Housing Construction Guidelines and Lease Contracts; and to offer solution in cases of violation and coordinate the same with concerned department/offices for action.
  • To implement policy on insurable properties of residential units.
  • To process requests for resident's IDs, Certificate of Residency, Vehicle Decal, and Pull-out of household items of residents.
  • To validate SBMA Utility Billings.
  • To evaluate requests for building permit of residential housing units, and to prepare Repair Cost Estimates.


  • Land Administration Division

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4198 / 4148

    Evaluation of Property Lot Survey Procedure Details:

    • Prior to conduct of Property Lot Survey, the Locator/Investor should secure survey authority from Land & Asset Development Department.
    • The locator / investor / hired surveyor should consider the existing development in the area that will be included in the said survey.
    • Survey plans should attached the following supporting documents:
      • Transmittal sheet
      • Field notes cover
      • Field notes
      • Lot data
      • Traverse computation
    • The locator/investor/hired surveyor should check and consider the affected underground utility lines such as power, water, communication lines, gas lines, etc.
    • The locator/investor/hired surveyor should attach comments of concerned department/s.
  • Estate Management Division

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4147 / 4409

    Requirements For Housing Residents:

    • For Lease Proposal and other Contract-Related Requests
      • Letter of intent
      • Accomplished Lessee Information Sheet
      • Photocopy of two (2) valid IDs (for expat, pls. submit photocopy of passport) and 1 2x2 photo
      • For corporations, copy of SEC Registration, Secretary Certificate of authorized signatory, two (2) valid IDs of signatory
      • Certification of No Outstanding Obligations from SBMA Accounting Department and Official Receipt of SBMA share
    • For Construction/ Renovation Permit
      • Requestletter
      • Plans (Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, others) (Note: Please include/indicate original structure and demolition plans.)
      • Bill of Materials
      • Scope of Work and Specifications
      • Structural Analysis (if necessary)
      • All plans must be originally signed and sealed by a duly licensed Engineer/ Architect
      • Changing of exterior painting is subject for approval by this office
      • Copy of lease/ sublease contract and current insurance policy, if necessary
    • For Occupancy Inspection
      • Request Letter
      • As-built plans (One [1] set of reproducible copy and one [1] set of blue print copy)
      • Megger Test Certificate
      • Logbook
      • Certificate of completion
    • For Repair/Repainting Permit
      • Request letter
      • Scope of work
      • Bill of Materials
    • For Endorsement of Request for Insurance/Renewal of SBMA ID
      • Request letter
      • Accomplished Information Sheet
      • Two (20 pcs 2x2 photo)
      • Copy of lease/sublease contract and current insurance policy, if necessary
      • For caretaker, driver and gardener, latest NBI or Police Clearance
    • For pull-out of Personal Effects/Belongings
      • Request letter
      • List of items to be pulled-out
      • Clearance from Accounting Department
    • For issuance of Certificate of Residency
      • Request Letter
      • For release of shipment: Copy or Airway Bill/Bill of Lading
      • Clearance from Accounting Department
      • Copy of lease/sublease contract, if necessary
    • For Water/Power Connection
      • For Water: application with Subic Water & Sewerage Co. with attached contract
      • For permanent power connection: Letter request and Megger Test Certificate

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