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Pass Issuance and Control Division (PICD)
Bldg 494 (back of Subic Gym)

Tel. No.: +6347.252.4290 / 4390 / 4012 / 4728
Fax No.: +6347.252.4291

Auxiliary Services Division (ASD)
Room 207 Bldg. 229, Waterfront Road

Tel. No.: (63-47) 252.4188
Fax No.: (63-47) 252.4185

Alfredo P. Agustin Jr., MS CRIM

Alfredo P. Agustin Jr., MS CRIM


About Us

Office Services Department (OSD) is tasked to provide efficient service and assistance to SBMA departments/offices and Freeport locators in the issuance of IDs and the delivery of documents. It has a total of 52 personnel assigned under two divisions, the Pass Issuance and Control Division (PICD) and the Auxiliary Services Division (ASD). The PICD implements a system for pass issuance to control and monitor the entry/exit of every individual entering the Freeport, in line with SBMA authority to secure its perimeter under Sec.12, paragraph h of RA 7227. The ASD, on the other hand, handles the prompt and reliable distribution of documents and information to clients through mail services, facsimile transmission or personal delivery.


The OSD is committed to provide high quality services to all SBFZ entities through prompt distribution of documents and issuance of IDs in line with the Authority goal of transforming SBFZ into a first world eco-urban center.

Function and Responsibility

Pass Issuance and Control Division (PICD)

  • Helps provide control measures against illegal entry/exit of personnel and cargoes in the Freeport Zone.
  • Maintains and further improve the proper and prompt issuance of IDs/passes to clients.
  • Issuance of FREE temporary pass to any individual entering any entry/exit gates of the Freeport.
  • Issuance of laminated pass to employees of government agencies within SBFZ , students, regular visitors, caretakers, foreign nationals with temporary Special Subic Working Visa (SSWV), and occupants of apartelles within SBFZ.
  • Issuance of computerized ID to regular SBMA employees, regular employees of Freeport locators, SBFZ residents, and regular employees of government agencies within the Freeport zone.

Auxiliary Services Division (ASD)

Front End Administration of Document Management System - Facilitates all activities in the DMS:

  • Administration of users and access level of System Users, User Groups, Updating of the DMS database Document Types based on GRDS and approved ARDS.
  • Facilitation of Creation of Process Flow using DMS
  • Monitoring of General Records Disposition schedule and Agencies Records Disposition Schedule in the DMS.

In-charge in the implementation of Agency’s Central Repository of records for Records Management Improvement Committee (RMIC) with the following accountabilities:

  • Assist the RMIC and the Agency in the compliance of RA 9470
  • Update and maintain inventory of SBMA records, determine/evaluate the valueless records of SBMA departments/offices for disposal
  • Collection of Valueless Records for Disposal from SBMA Departments/Offices for collation at Building 640-SBMA Records Center Facilitation of actual disposal of valueless records
  • Request for Authority to Dispose from National Archives of the Philippines (NAP)
  • Safekeeping of Permanent Records from SBMA Departments/Offices at Building 640-SBMA Records CenterCustody of segregated valueless records of all department/offices
  • Monitoring of General Records Disposition Schedule and Agencies Records Disposition Schedule and ensure that all active records are kept and valueless records will be disposed based on its schedule set on the General Records Disposition Schedule (GRDS) and Agency’s Records Disposition Schedule (ARDS)

FOI Receiving Office(FRO)

  • Facilitate all requests in compliance with Executive Order No.2 , S2016 Freedom of Information.
  • Facilitate all FOI Report for submission to Presidential Communication Office
    • Agency’s Information Inventory
    • Agency’s registry
    • Agency’s FOI Feed-back report
    • FOI Manual and other requirements as mandated

Mail Management and Documents Matters

  • Hand-carried delivery of demand notices/letters/parcels to Subic Bay Freeport Zone Locators, Residents, Port Users, and other stakeholders in the, Olongapo Bataan, Zambales, Manila and other parts of Luzon (Local Government Units, National Government Agencies);
  • Facilitate routing and distribution of documents and mails through “Courier services” from all SBMA Departments to Local Governments, National Government Agencies, Residents, Locators, Ports Users and other stakeholders
  • Files all the documents received by ASD from the different SBMA departments, locators, and other government agencies.
  • Distribution of memoranda/documents/mails to all SBMA Departments.
  • Distribution of memoranda/letters/Labor Bulletins/Job Bulletins to SBF Locators and Public Employment Service Offices (PESO) of local municipalities.
  • Retrieval of SBMA-related documents/receiving copies.
  • Distribution of daily newspapers to concerned SBMA Departments.

Other Auxiliary Service:

  • Daily Dispatch of PICD Personnel at Tipo, Kalaklan
  • Dispatch of PICD Personnel for Offsite ID Issuance at Various Places
  • Preparation of billing for Courier Services
  • Scanning and uploading and encoding of all incoming and outgoing Documents/Parcels in the DMS.
  • Administration of Building 229

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