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Our Mandate & Functions

Based on Section 13 of Republic Act No. 7227

Our Mandate

  • To develop the Subic Special Economic Zone into a self-sustaining, industrial, commercial, financial and investment center to generate employment opportunities in and around the zone, and to attract and promote productive foreign investments;

  • To operate and manage the Subic Special Economic Zone as a separate customs territory ensuring free flow or movement of goods and capital within, into and exported out of Subic Special Economic Zone, as well as provide incentives such as tax and duty free importations of raw materials, capital and equipment;

  • To coordinate with the National Government in the defense of the zone and security of its perimeters; and

  • To provide and establish its own internal security and firefighting forces.

Our Functions

  1. To operate, administer, manage and develop the ship repair and ship building facility, container port, oil storage and refueling facility and Subic Air Base within the Subic Special Economic and Freeport Zone as a free market;

  2. To accept any local or foreign investment, business or enterprise, subject only to such rules and regulations to be promulgated by the SBMA in conformity with the policies of the Conversion Authority without prejudice to the nationalization requirements provided for in the Constitution;

  3. To undertake and regulate the establishment, operation and maintenance to utilities, other services and infrastructure in the Subic Special Economic Zone including shipping and related business, stevedoring and port terminal services or concessions, incidental thereto and airport operations in coordination with the Civil Aeronautics Board, and to fix reasonable rates, fares, charges and other prices therefor;

  4. To construct, acquire, own, lease, operate and maintain on its own or through contract, franchise, license, permits, bulk purchase from the private sector and build-operate-transfer scheme or joint-venture the required utilities and infrastructure in coordination with local government units and appropriate government agencies concerned and in conformity with existing applicable laws therefor;

  5. To adopt, alter and use a corporate seal, to contract, lease, sell, dispose, acquire and own properties, to sue and be sued in order to carry out its duties and functions as provided for in the Act and to exercise the power of eminent domain for public use and public purpose;

  6. Within the limitation provided by law, to raise and/or borrow the necessary funds from local and international financial institutions and to issue bonds, promissory notes and other securities for that purpose and to secure the same by guarantee, pledge, mortgage, deed of trust, or assignment of its properties held by SBMA for the purpose of financing its projects and programs within the framework and limitations of the Act;

  7. To operate directly or indirectly or license tourism-related activities subject to priorities and standards set by the SBMA including games and amusements, except horse racing, dog racing and casino gambling which shall continue to be licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) upon recommendation of the Conversion Authority; to maintain and preserve the forested areas as a national park;

  8. To authorize the establishment of appropriate educational and medical institutions;

  9. To protect, maintain and develop the virgin forests within the base lands which will be proclaimed as a national park and subject to a permanent total log ban, and for this purpose, the rules and regulations of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and other government agencies directly involved in the above functions shall be implemented by SBMA;

  10. To adopt and implement measures and standards for environmental pollution control of all areas within its territory, including, but not limited to all bodies of water and to enforce the same, for which purpose the SBMA shall create an Ecology Center

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