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Armina Belleza C. Llamas

Armina Belleza C. Llamas

OIC, Deputy Administrator for Corporate Communications

About Us

The Corporate Communications Group was initially set up under Office Order No. 07-08-886, which was issued by then Administrator Armand C. Arreza in July 2007, creating "an ad hoc Corporate Communications Group under the Office of the Administrator to plan, manage and execute a proactive and integrated corporate and marketing communications program for the SBMA, pending the approval by the DBM of the SBMA Corporate Rationalization and Restructuring Plan". The same office order also transferred pertinent functions previously performed by other SBMA units, together with their concerned personnel, to the Corporate Communications Group.

During the 74th meeting of SBMA Board of Directors, Resolution No. 07-08-1717 was passed, approving "that instead of an ad hoc, the Corporate Communications Group should be a permanent group in the organizational set-up of SBMA".

Today the Group consists of the Office of the Deputy Administrator for Corporate Communications, the Public Relations Department, and the Media Production Department, which includes the SBMA's Subic Bay Radio station.


To establish and promote a consistently favorable image of the SBMA as a government institution and investment promotion agency, the SBFZ as the country's leading investment and tourism destination, and the Agency's relationship with target publics through a proactive and integrated corporate and marketing communications program that is aligned with the Agency's vision, mission and core values; as well as its tourism and business thrusts, goals and programs.


To serve as a dynamic and effective communication arm of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) that is fully aligned with the SBMA's vision, mission and core values, as well as with its tourism and business goals and objectives.


To ensure the proper management and promotion of the image/reputation of the Organization as a government institution and its relationship with stakeholders.

To ensure a favorable image/reputation of the Subic Bay Freeport as a premier tourism and investment destination in the minds of its target publics.

To ensure that all communication efforts are in line with the Organization's vision, mission and core values, as well as its corporate and business thrusts, goals and programs.

These functions essentially include the following:

  • Institutional and Place Image Building (including Issues Handling)
  • Branding and Marketing Communication
  • Relationship Building and Management
  • Education and Information Dissemination
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Values Formation
  • Technical services in the production of information and promotion packages such as AVPs, promotion collaterals and similar materials
  • Management and operation of the SBMA radio station and generation of income therefrom.


  • Corporate Image Building and Handling
    • Corporate Identity Standardization
    • Crisis Communication
    • Educational/Public Information campaigns and/or materials
    • Corporate events
    • Institutional ads, advertorials and/or sponsorships
    • Regular and special corporate publications
    • Official statements, messages, speeches and/or presentation materials of key SBMA officials
    • Special correspondence and/or reportorial requirements
    • Website contents management

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