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Armina Belleza C. Llamas

Armina Belleza C. Llamas



About Us

The SBMA Media Production Department is the key department tasked to produce news and information materials and packagesthat are necessary for the effective implementation of a comprehensive and up-to-date public information program. The Department also organizes/produces events/programs that keep SBMA in the news in a positive way in the minds of its intended publics, while ensuring maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality of its news and information products and services in line with the agency's policy.

The Media Production Department is committed to provide quality service to SBMA departments/offices, clients and partners through the implementation of the Quality Management System in performing its primary function of public information.


The Media Production Department shall provide comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date news and information programs, materials and packages, using traditional and new media to effectively support the Agency's tourism and investment promotion strategies and programs.


The Media Production Department shall evolve into a major provider of content and media services in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia, providing news and information on SBMA, the Subic Bay Freeport Zone and the Subic-Clark Corridor, as well as quality media services for purposes of promotion and revenue generation.

Our Functions

  • Develop and implement an effective news & information program for the SBMA, targeting the print and online media;
  • Provide editorial, photography and research services in the production of information and promotional materials such as multi-media presentations, publicity, and promotion campaigns and speeches/messages of key executives;
  • Design and implement an effective media monitoring and analysis plan.
  • Develop and implement an effective news and information program for the SBMA utilizing broadcast media and audio-video media formats;
  • Provide technical services in the production of information and promotion packages such as AVPs, promotion collaterals and similar materials;
  • Manage and operate the SBMA radio station, and generate income therefrom.

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