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Atty. Melvin L. Varias

Atty. Melvin L. Varias

Department Manager III

About Us

One of the principal objectives of SBMA is to create jobs through vibrant economic activity in order to address the needs of the people of the cities and municipalities surrounding the former Subic Bay Naval Base (Sec. 113, I.R.R., R.A. 7227).

The SBMA adopts a policy of industrial peace, harmony and productivity within the SBF giving due consideration to the new concept of the Freeport in order to establish a business and commercial atmosphere which encourages investments and simultaneously promotes and enhances the lives and dignity of all workers.

To help attain this objective, a Labor Center responsible for studying and amicably settling professional and labor relations and disputes, interpretation of employment contracts, and monitoring work hygiene and safety standards within the SBF, was established within the SBMA. (Chap. X, C. Sec. 115, I.R.R. of R.A. 7227).


To promote and develop responsive and pro-active initiatives and programs through a holistic approach in pursuit of providing the locators/investors and other clients with excellent customer service not only the needed number of workers with proper skills but also attain harmony, productivity, work values and industrial peace within SBF.

Our Functions

  • Helping investors augment and source their employment requirements;
  • Assisting foreign nationals secure work visas and work permits;
  • Studying and amicably settling professional and labor relations disputes;
  • Assisting investors in sourcing available support services from the adjoining cities/municipalities of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone; and
  • Establishing training programs to meet future employment requirements of its investors.



    Tel. Nos.: +6347.252.4101 / 4073
    Fax NO.: +6347.252.4346

    • Manpower Sourcing Services (Locators)
    • Endorsement for Issuance of Entry/Exit Pass for SBFZ Investors/Locators (Initial/Renewal)
    • Endorsement for Issuance of Alien Employment Permit (AEP)
    • Endorsement for Issuance of Provision Permit to Work (PWP)
    • Endorsement for Issuance of Special Work Permit (SWP)


    Tel. Nos.: +6347.252.4554 / 4253
    Fax NO.: +6347.252.4008

    • Conciliation-Mediation (Locators)
    • Labor Standards Inspection (Locators)
    • Labor Standards Compliance (Locators)


    Tel. Nos.: +6347.252.4861 / 4585

    • Manpower Sourcing Services (Contractors/Sub-Contractors)
    • Endorsement for Issuance of Entry/Exit Pass for Contractors/Sub-Contractors (Initial/Renewal)
    • Conciliation-Mediation (Contractors/Sub-Contractors)
    • Labor Standards Inspection (Contractors/Sub-Contractors)
    • Issuance of Certification of Accreditation (Manpower/Janitorial/Messengerial Services, Security Services and other Port-Related Services)


    Tel. Nos.: +6347.252.4496 / 4067 / 4092
    Fax NO.: +6347.252.4092

    • - Endorsement for Issuance of Entry/Exit Gate Pass (Students)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - For Job Applicants

  • How to apply?

    • All persons seeking employment within the SBFZ must first register and secure clearance from the SBMA, through the Manpower Services Division of the Labor Department. For this purpose, the applicant must provide the SBMA information on his/ her educational/ vocational background and/ or work experience and skills, as well as other information as may be required by the SBMA. (Sec. 116, IRR, RA 7227)
    • All job applications shall be filed at the Receiving Section of the Manpower Services Division in front of the Subic Gym).
    • Requirements Needed:
      • Resume or Bio-data with 2 x 2 picture;
      • Birth Certificate (photocopy only);
      • High School/Vocational/College Diploma or Transcript of Record (photocopy only); and
      • Certificate of Employment (optional)
      Note: Police Clearance and/or NBI Clearance will be required when the SBF Investor already considers the applicant for employment.
  • How Do I Find Out What Jobs Are Aavailable Iinside The SBFZ?

    • A list of available positions can be viewed 24/7 at our ├â┬óReceiving Section's bulletin boards located in front of the Subic Gym .
  • Can I Apply For More Than One Job At A Time?

    • Yes. You may apply for multiple positions that are currently open as long as you meet the minimum qualification standards of the vacancies.
  • How Do I Check The Status Of My Application?

    • You may follow-up and check the status of your application at the Receiving Section based on the follow-up slip issued by the Manpower Services staff. You will also find notices of examination/ interview posted on the bulletin boards. If you are selected for an interview/ examination, you will be contacted in most cases by phone call or text by the locators/ investors you applied in.
  • Is There A Fee In Applying?

    • NO. Applying for any job vacancies inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone is free-of-charge. If there are persons who ask for money in exchange of a job inside the Zone, please report it to the Manpower Services Division at the Subic Gym or at Bldg. 255. Or you may call 252.4346 / 252.4273.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - FOR SBMA INVESTORS/LOCATORS

  • I want to hire people, what should I do?

    • Initially, an SBF Investor/Locator shall address a formal request to the Labor Department via the Request for Recruitment Assistance (RRA) Form. The RRA form shall be used to submit request for job vacancy announcement. The job vacancy shall be advertised at the Receiving Section (in front of the Subic Gym) and other conspicuous places and/or through the Public Employment Service Offices (PESO) in various municipalities in Bataan and Zambales and other areas in Region III. It will also be published at the Official website of SBMA at and other social media sites maintained by the Department Or you may visit the Evaluation Section at Rm. 138, Bldg. 255 to assist you in browsing at available resumes maintained by the Division.
  • What's next after the vacancy announcement?

    • The SBMA locator/ investor may call or visit the Manpower Services Division at Bldg. 255, Rm. 138 for the Issuance and endorsement of Register of Eligibles (ROE) or the MSD Account Officer assigned to the company will inform the Locator/investor if there are available ROEs. An ROE is a list of all job applicants who qualified for the job vacancy.
  • I already selected applicants and considered them for employment, are there requirements for them to enter/exit the freeport?

    • Hiring of people inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone is a prerogative of the investor/locator. The applicants selected from the ROE and who were considered for employment by the SBF investor must pass through the Labor Department for their gate pass processing and eventually for endorsement for the issuance of their entry/exit pass to the Office Services Department thus, paving the way for the selected applicant(s) to get on-board and work for the SBF investor at a specified date. The Manpower Services Division handles gatepass processing for Investors/Locators while the Service Contracting Office is for the Contractors and Sub-contractors.
  • Can I direct-hire workers?

    • The Labor Center discourages investor/locator/enterprise/contractor in resorting to direct hiring to avoid possible employment-related problems in the future.
  • Is there a fee to pay for posting a job vacancy?

    • A posting fee of P200.00/day shall apply to non-SBF registered companies. Payments can be made at the SBMA Treasury Department.
  • How can I employ foreign nationals?

    • Should the investor decide to hire foreign national, it can do so by securing a Subic Clark Working Visa (SCWV). In securing an SCWV, among the supporting documents from the foreign national is an Alien Employment Permit (AEP) issued by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)-RIII regional office in Pampanga. The SBMA Labor Department oversees the processing of Endorsement for AEP.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - FOR WORKERS/EMPLOYERS

  • Where can I go if there are labor relations and labor standards concerns in the workplace?

    • You may visit the Conciliation and Employee Welfare Division at Bldg. 662 (at the back of Bldg. 255) for concerns on the workplace or you may call them at 252.4554 / 252.4828
  • I just got regularized; can I avail of a computerized ID?

    • Yes. Employees of SBF Locators/Investors who got their regular employment status may avail of a 1-year computerized entry/exit pass. One of the requirements to secure a 1-year pass is by attending the Employee Orientation Seminar (EOS) every Wednesday at Bldg. 662. You may coordinate with the Workforce Development Division at 252.4067 / 252.4092 for further details.
  • How can I go about the on-The-Job training (OJT) program?

    • OJT program is being handled and monitored by the Workforce Development Division. If a student wishes to render his/her OJT in a registered company inside the Zone, the investor/locator must sponsor the student as endorsed by the student's school. For further details, you may coordinate with WDD at 252.4067 / 252.4092
  • How can I know if a manpower agency or security agency is legit?

    • The Service Contracting Office (SCO) regulates and oversees the operation of accredited manpower and security agencies in the SBFZ. You may coordinate with SCO to check the list of accredited support services companies inside the Zone by visiting them at Rm. 210, Bldg. 255 or via phone at 252.4861

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