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SBFZ's Ten Outstanding Freeport Workers Program
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Ten Outstanding Freeport Workers


The Ten Outstanding Freeport Workers awards program is one of the projects and Key initiatives of the SBMA Labor Department in collaboration with Subic Bay Workforce Development Foundation, Inc., composed of representatives from the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP)-Subic chapter, the different chambers in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ), the SBMA Labor Department and the Freeport's Labor Management Council/Workers.

The program was founded by Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Labor Department manager Atty. Severo C. Pastor, Jr. It was launched in April 2001, and held its first awarding ceremony four months later on September 1, at Remy Field, SBFZ.

The theme of this outstanding worker scheme is "A Workforce Recognition Award Scheme for Workers in the Freeport Zone." In essence, it aims to recognize and reward the commitment, innovativeness, service and performance excellence of employees / workers, as well as to motivate and increase work satisfaction levels.

To succeed in its objective, this workforce recognition scheme has been designed to be simple and acceptable to the workforce through a fair and transparent decision process. It should also be stressed that the evaluation criteria outlined below should not be exhaustive, and additional items may need to be added (or existing ones changed) over time.

Scope and Coverage

The program is open to all workers in the Freeport Zone, as nominated by their respective companies and/or organizations, whether private or public. Employees/workers may also nominate from among their peers, coursed through the company's Human Resource Management Department.

Nomination Requirements

  • A nomination letter, using any type of font, but not longer than two (2) pages in any font size but not smaller than 10 points
  • Submission of nomination letter, together with the following nomination requirements/documents, to the SBMA Labor Department, 2/F, Bldg. 662:
    • Duly accomplished nomination form with nominee's 2 x 2 picture, recently taken;
    • Performance Appraisal Rating for two (2) consecutive periods with a rating of at least Very Satisfactory or its equivalent;
    • Certified photocopy of Daily Time Record from January to June of the current year; and
    • Statement of accomplishments and justification for being the nominee of the Organization (nominating letter).

Click here to download nomination form.

Criteria for Rewarding Employee / Worker

The Search aims to reward workers whose performance has been deemed to be exemplary according to the following criteria:

  • In recognition of the provision of excellent client / customer service that has resulted in the creation of significant client and organizational value.
  • In recognition for excellent performance in a project or similar undertaking, including the display of exceptional project management skills and, or the exceptional management of a project, and or the display of exceptional technical skills to facilitate the implementation of a project by any person(s), and whose action(s) has created significant organizational value, or has the potential to create significant organizational value.
  • In recognition of personal dedication and commitment to the Company / Organization where he belongs, and whose dedication and commitment have contributed significant organizational value and benefit.
  • In recognition of motivation and commitment to the Freeport's culture, social spirit and strategic directions by a Freeport worker, and whose efforts have effected, or tried to effect, distinction for the Company, or assisted to improve the relationships within and between staff, and, or, other stakeholder groups.
  • In recognition of the development of innovative ideas / concepts and or the effective implementation of innovative ideas and concepts within the department or wider Freeport Zone context, which have contributed significant organization or social value.
  • In recognition of exceptional leadership (for supervisory/managerial position) or achievement/s (for rank& file) by a worker that has resulted in enhanced group, section or departmental performance, and has contributed to enhanced organizational value.

Award Process

  • The Award will be presented once every year. There will be a maximum of ten outstanding workers.
  • Any member of the Subic Bay Freeport workforce can be nominated for this award, including administrative, technical, management and consultant staff within the Zone.
  • Nominations can come from any workforce members or external client organizations provided that for peer nomination, the nomination is coursed through the Human Resource / Administrative / Personnel Department of the respective company or office where the nominee belongs.
  • The completed nomination form should include the nominee's name and the nominator's name, the selection criteria needs to be specified, and reasons why the person has been nominated for the award, as succinct as possible (limited to approximately 120 words).
  • A Panel of Judges will administer the scheme. Members of this panel will come from respectable organizations outside of the Freeport Zone, with exemplary qualities and looked upon as models of excellence and productivity in their respective fields of endeavor.
  • The Panel can receive nominations at any time during the ensuing year, ending December 31st. The Panel's chairperson will convey the recipients' names to the SBMA Chairman and Administrator.
  • Clarification on the validity, accuracy and details of the nominations may be requested by the Panel from the nominee, the nominee's manager (although the nominator should also be consulted), or other information sources, which the panel believe are valid and helpful to the claim.
  • Any worker/employee nominated for an award will be advised by the panel of their nomination and all nominees will be formally recognized and complemented on this achievement during the annual Ten Outstanding Freeport Workers awarding ceremony.

Traditionally, the winners receive a certificate, a plaque, cash and gift voucher/s, if any.


There shall be two phases in the conduct of the selection of the Ten Outstanding/Distinguished Workforce Member:

  • Phase One (Nomination) 
    The nominee shall be evaluated based on the general conditions set.
  • Phase Two (Interview) 
    The Panel shall conduct preliminary and final interviews with the nominees, rank the nominee, and choose the Ten Outstanding or Distinguished Workforce members of the Year.

Function of the SBMA Labor Department Head in this Award Scheme

The manager of the SBMA Labor Department serves an important role in promoting and supporting this scheme and may be called on at times to ensure that the scheme remains relevant and unbiased. The department manager also ensures that no Freeport employee attempts to influence the process or final decision.

The department manager will have executive power over the process; however, the exercise of this power should only occur in cases of extreme bias, the inappropriate behavior by the Search Panel member(s), nominee(s), or other cases of extreme need. In such cases, it may be more appropriate for such issues to be discussed first within the grievance panel, and action agreed to and supported by this panel.


For the award scheme to uphold its genuine spirit and intent, the workforce is enjoined to accept the process. Although this process may not be perfect, the workforce is also reminded that this workforce scheme is a genuine attempt to recognize commitment and excellence.

Nonetheless, any process improvements can be suggested by any workforce member (or external client agent) and can be directed to any panel member.



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