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Dennis Rolan E. Baviera

Dennis Rolan E. Baviera


About Us

The Procurement & Property Management Department (PPMD), as an integral part of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, plays a vital role in the accomplishment of the Agency's overall mission and goals. Departments/offices request through PPMD essential materials, tools or equipment, supplies and other properties; without which these departments/offices cannot effectively perform their assigned tasks or functions.

In view of this, PPMD's function remains one of the most critical and relevant activities in the entire organization. Any request for procurement requires expedient and prompt action, as any unnecessary delay may be costly in terms of loss in man-hours on the part of the requesting department/office.


By 2015, the PPMD envisions to become one of the highly competent procurement units among all government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs) and other government agencies in the country, extending excellent and dedicated service to both internal (requesting SBMA Departments/Offices) and external customers (registered suppliers).


The PPMD intends to carry out with high level of competence and thorough knowledge the following designated functions and responsibilities of its two divisions to better serve the Agency in providing supplies and services in the exigency of service and the SBMA's operations.

  • Procurement Division

    Tel. Nos.: +6347.252.4283 / 4124 / 4501 / 4282 / 4230 / 4270 / 4211

    • Responsible for the procurement and acquisition of supplies, equipment tools and properties necessary for the accomplishment of overall mission and goals of SBMA and pursuant to the revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act 9184 (RA 9184), otherwise known as the Government Procurement Reform Act
    • Handles procurement activities through public bidding, together with the SBMA Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) for Supplies and Materials, as the general mode of procurement of all service and material requirements, which are included in the Agency's duly-approved Annual Procurement Plan (APP)
    • Resorts to and/or manages alternative methods of procurement in highly exceptional cases whenever justified by the conditions stipulated in RA 9184
    • Prepares the Agency's consolidated annual procurement plan (APP), as required in the SBMA's overall operations
  • Property Management Division

    Tel. Nos.: +6347.252.4613 / 4219 / 4046 / 4086 / 4238 / 4432 / 4085

    • Responsible for the receipt, handling, movement, care and storage of all supplies, tools, equipment and properties on hand and not yet issued to end-users
    • Responsible for the promulgation and implementation of a sound inventory management system to ensure continuous availability of supplies/materials required in the Agency's operation
    • Initiates Inventory and Inspection Reports on unserviceable properties, including scrap for public auction and bidding
    • Undertakes direct inventory of all SBMA assets and properties, including serviceable, unserviceable, condemned and/or excess materials that are no longer required in SBMA's operations
    • Responsible for the development and maintenance of the Agency's property recording system such as memorandum receipt files, stock record files and other files to ensure that accountabilities are properly established, and all issues and receipts are properly recorded
    • Responsible for the preparation and submission of property inventory reports to concerned offices and/or department
    • Responsible for the reconciliation of actual physical inventory counts against accounting records, and provides recommendation/s to resolve discrepancies
    • Responsible for the maintenance of semi- and non-expendable property records to ensure that all transactions affecting these properties are properly and accurately recorded in a timely manner

Frequently Asked Questions

For SBMA Departments/Offices/Employees

  • How do I request for a certain material item?
    • Accomplish a Stock Availability Inquiry (SAI) form.
    • Make sure that the item is included in your duly-approved Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP). Otherwise, it will not be issued to you.
    • If the item, however, is not included in your duly-approved PPMP, you may submit a request for inclusion and realignment subject to the approval of your Department/Office Head and Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Head.
    • Submit SAI to the Issuance Section of PPMD's Property Division.
    • When the item requested is on stock, it may be issued to you based on your PPMP allotment. Otherwise, it will be recommended for procurement.
  • My requested item is not on stock. What do I have to do next?
    • Have your duly-accomplished SAI stamped with “APP included” by PPMD's Technical Section.
    • Present the same to PPMD's Issuance Section and have it stamped with "NC" (Not carried).
    • Prepare a purchase request (PR) with the same SAI, reference canvass and unofficial form for budgetary purposes. You may use the standard PPMD canvass form, interchanging PPMD letterhead with that of your department/office name.
    • Submit the PR, together with the other documents as mentioned above, to PPMD's Technical Section for verification and further processing.
  • My purchase request has been declined. What are the possible reasons?
    • Items requested may not be included in the Agency's duly-approved APP.
    • There is no approved budget for the request.
    • There is no available fund.
  • How do I follow up the status of my purchase request?
    • Make sure your PR has already been approved by the Financial Control and Analysis Department (FCAD). Otherwise, PPMD cannot give you any update on your inquiry. Kindly coordinate first with your respective budget officers.
    • Call PPMD's Technical Section at 252-4501 and have your PR number ready for retrieval purposes.
    • If your PR has already been forwarded to the Technical Section, you may be referred to the concerned purchaser.
  • How does PPMD procure requested services and materials?
    • Per RA 9184, all procurement activities should be made through a competitive public bidding. However, in several cases as deemed appropriate, the procuring entity may resort to various alternative modes of procurement.
    • As mandated by the law, PPMD posts bid opportunities on the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) website to encourage participation of all its duly-registered suppliers nationwide.
  • What are the alternative modes of procurement?
    Alternative Methods of Procurement are as follows:
    • Limited Source Bidding (Selective Bidding) - A method of procurement applicable for 'highly specialized types of goods' like sophisticated defense equipment; or procurement of major plant components where it is deemed advantageous to limit the bidding to known qualified bidders in order to maintain uniform quality and performance of the plant as a whole.
    • Direct Contacting (Single-source Procurement) - A method of procurement of goods, which are proprietary in nature and which can be obtained only from the proprietary source.
    • Repeat Order - A method of procurement of goods from the previous winning bidder, whenever there is a need to replenish goods procured under a contract previously awarded through Competitive Bidding.
    • Shopping - A method of procurement whereby the procuring entity simply requests for the submission of price quotations for readily available off-the-shelf goods or ordinary/regular equipment to be procured directly from suppliers of known qualifications.
    • Negotiated Procurement - A method of procurement whereby the procuring entity directly negotiates a contract with a technically, legally and financially capable supplier, contractor or consultant.
  • Where does PPMD purchase requested items?
    • Primarily, PPMD sources out canvasses from its own pool of duly registered/accredited suppliers. Likewise, PhilGEPS registered suppliers are always encouraged to participate.
  • How do I request for supplies and materials for our office/department?
    • Materials issuance is handled by the Issuance Section of PPMD’s Property Management Division. You are required to follow the procedure for the issuance of materials and upon verification that the supplies are available through the Stock Availability Inquiry (SAI), the items may be withdrawn from the Issuance Section.
  • How do I request for furniture, fixtures and other fixed assets for our office/department?
    • Just fill out the request form from the Warehouse Section of PPMD's Property Management Division and if the items are available, these will be delivered to your office. A corresponding Property Acknowledgement Receipt will then be issued and the item will be added to your list of accountabilities. Kindly take care of the items under your custody.
  • How do I determine the accuracy of my record of property accountability?
    • All employees are encouraged to regularly update their records with PPMD. The Inventory Section regularly conducts physical inventory of properties in SBMA offices. In order to avoid losses and to keep your records accurate, kindly coordinate with PPMD to update your records.
  • I lost an SBMA property under my accountability. What should I do?
    Alternative Methods of Procurement are as follows:
    • A Stolen, Lost, Damaged or Recovered Property Report must be completed under the following circumstances regardless of whether the property was located at the work site or off-site (e.g. employee has authorization to use the property at the employee's residence):
      • Property is stolen;
      • Property is lost;
      • Property is damaged;
      • Stolen property is recovered; or
      • Lost property is found.
    • The report should be submitted to PPMD for proper disposition. If the item is lost, stolen or damaged, the Law Enforcement Department's Investigation Division will be requested to conduct an investigation.
    • The result of the investigation will determine if the lost item will be applied for relief of accountability to the Commission on Audit or to charge the amount of the item to the employee. Relief of Accountability is defined as follows from the New Government Accounting System (NGAS):

    Section 49. Accounting for Loss of Cash and Property. In case of loss of property due to other causes like theft, force majeure, fire, etc., a report thereon shall be prepared by the Accountable Officer concerned for purposes of requesting relief from accountability. No accounting entry shall be made but the loss shall be disclosed in the notes to financial statements pending result of request for relief from accountability.

    Sec. 50. Grant of Relief from Accountability. When a request for relief from accountability for shortages or loss of funds is granted, a copy of the decision shall be forwarded to the Chief Accountant who shall draw a Journal Entry Voucher (JEV) to record the transaction.. In case the request for relief from accountability for loss of property caused by fire, theft, force majeure or other causes is granted, a copy of the decision shall likewise be forwarded to the Chief Accountant for the preparation of the JEV. The loss shall be debited to the Loss of Assets account and credited to the appropriate asset account. If request for relief from accountability is denied, the loss shall be taken up as a receivable from the Accountable Officer or employee liable for the loss and shall be credited to the appropriate asset account.

  • I am going on an extended leave (more than 60 days) or going abroad, do I need a property accountability clearance?
    • Yes, kindly coordinate with the PPMD Property Management Division for the transfer of your accountabilities or return of the properties to PPMD.
  • I am retiring, resigning, or will be separated from service. What is the procedure for property accountability clearance?
    • Coordinate with PPMD's Assets Inventory Management System (AIMS) Section to get a list of your accountabilities.
    • PPMD will assign an inventory staff to conduct a physical inventory of the properties under your custody.
    • If all properties are accounted for, you will be given PPMD clearance.
    • If some items are missing and no previous relief for accountability was approved by the Commission on Audit, you will be charged the amount of the property. You will be asked to sign a charge sheet, acknowledging the charges to be deducted from your final pay.
    • You will be given PPMD clearance once the amount of losses has been paid or charged to your final pay.

For Suppliers/Contractors (Procurement-Related)

  • How can I extend service to the Agency as a supplier/contractor?
    • You should primarily be running a legitimate business, offering the specific product/service line/s you would like to offer to SBMA.
    • Your company must be registered with PhilGEPS.
    • Your company should be cleared from any tax accountability with the government.
    • Your company should formally apply for registration/accreditation with PPMD.
    • Please refer to Supplier Accreditation Guidelines uploaded herein.
  • I am already registered/accredited with PPMD. Can I serve all the locators (both private and public entities) inside the Freeport?
    • NO. Your accreditation is only valid for SBMA-funded projects, subject to government procurement
    • If you would still like to transact business with our locators, please contact the Visa Processing and Accreditation Office of the SBMA Regulatory Group.

For Locators/Residents/Suppliers/Contractors (Property-Related)

  • How can I secure a Property Pass for the items I would be bringing in and out of the Freeport?
    • Prepare a request letter addressed to the Chief, Property Division, Procurement and Property Management Department.
    • The request letter should include the description of the items and purpose of taking the items out of the SBFZ.
    • Only tax paid/locally bought items are given exit clearance by the PPMD. Requesting parties are required to present proof that the items are tax and duty paid.
    • For tax/duty free items, requesting parties are required to secure a gate pass from the Seaport Department.
    • The purpose of issuance of PPMD clearance is to ascertain that the items being brought out of the SBFZ are not SBMA properties.
  • Can my company lease furniture and fixtures from SBMA?
    • Depending on the availability of items, the PPMD may lease furniture and fixtures to Freeport locators. Kindly contact the Property Management Division at 252-4085.
  • There are SBMA properties in our leased facility and we no longer need them. How do we get rid of them?
    • Kindly contact the Property Management Division at the above stated numbers and we will pull out the items that are no longer needed. There will be a corresponding pull-out form to be accomplished to remove the items from your accountability list.
  • We regularly receive notice of conduct of inventory from PPMD. What is the purpose of this?
    • PPMD regularly conducts physical inventory of all SBMA properties to ascertain accuracy of records. Your cooperation is highly appreciated during the conduct of the physical inventory.
  • We are doing renovation/demolition of leased facility from SBMA. Can we dispose of the materials taken from the facility?
    • As a matter of policy, all facilities including materials taken during the renovation and demolition remain as SBMA property. PPMD will conduct an inspection of these materials. Those items determined as usable or of value will be turned over to PPMD.

Disposal of Assets

  • I am interested in participating in the bidding for the disposal of SBMA assets. How can I participate?
    • PPMD regularly conducts disposal of surplus properties through public bidding. Notice of public bidding that includes complete information is regularly posted on the SBMA website, Philippine GEPS website, newspapers of national circulation and at conspicuous places around SBFZ and Olongapo City.

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