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Lot 69 Transportation Bldg., Canal Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Tel. No.: +6347.252.4802 / 4805
Fax No.: +6347.252.4072 / 4137

Carlito C. Cruz

Carlito C. Cruz

Department Manager III


  • Construction Maintenance Division / Project Management Section

    Bldg. 275, Aguinaldo Street, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4111 / 4876 / 4057

  • Roads, Bridges & Ground Maintenance Division

    Boton Satellite Office, Boton Tank Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4250

  • Ground Maintenance (Green Brigade Office)

    Bldg. 275, Aguinaldo Street, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4312

  • Transportation Division

    Transportation Bldg., Canal Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

    • Operation (Motorpool)
      Tel. No.: +6347.252.4263
    • Maintenance (Vehicle repair & maintenance shop)
      Tel. No.: +6347.252.4805
    • Maintenance (Vehicle repair & maintenance shop)
      • Light Vehicles
        Tel. No.: +6347.252.4461
      • Heavy Equipments
        Tel. No.: +6347.252.4421
    • Admin/Documentation Section
      Tel. No.: +6347.252.4854 / 4802
    • Solid Waste Management
      Tel. No.: +6347.252.4309

About Us

The Maintenance & Transportation Department is responsible for the maintenance of public buildings, roads and bridges including parks grounds, solid waste collections and janitorial services to SBMA. It is also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of various vehicles and equipment of the agency.


To maintain a high level of service to our clients related to the following aspects:

  • Maintenance repair calls for public facilities
  • Ground and janitorial services
  • Maintenance of roads, bridges and signage
  • Development and implementation of maintenance plan for all SBMA- owned and -operated facilities, vehicles and equipment
  • Provision of transportation services for all SBMA activities
  • Proper collection and disposal of garbage within the Freeport Zone


To provide world-class and professional service to customers.


  • Facilities Maintenance Division

    • Performs maintenance and repair works, including electrical, and mechanical/plumbing services, for various SBMA facilities.
    • Operates and maintains central air-conditioning system of SBMA buildings.
    • Operates and maintains emergency generators.
    • Performs specialized jobs such as locksmith and hot iron works.
  • Construction Maintenance Division

    • Performs major improvements on existing SBMA buildings and structures, as well as construction of new structures, as planned and requested by cognizant departments.
    • Performs necessary maintenance, upkeep and repair of buildings and structures, as planned and requested by the custodian of various SBMA facilities.
    • Accomplishes miscellaneous structural works for special events, as requested by other departments.
  • Project Management Section

    • Prepares venues for special events.
    • Prepares program of works and cost estimates of projects.
    • Prepares cost estimates for damaged public facilities.
    • Prepares quality assurance plans for maintenance projects.
  • Roads, Bridges and Ground Maintenance Division

    • Preserves roads and bridges as infrastructure assets through intervention and preventive actions.
    • Related structures include road shoulders, curbs and gutters, road islands, drainages, culverts and drains across roads, and traffic signs, hardstand and other related structures affecting roads and bridges maintenance and road safety.
    • Operates and updates the Maintenance Management System (MMS) in planning, programming, controlling and reporting of PERIODIC routine and emergency road maintenance.
    • Provides routine maintenance of common grounds in the Freeport and maintains grasses at pre-determined heights.
    • Provides manpower assistance to other SBMA department production units in the accomplishment of their assigned tasks.
    • Provides janitorial services to various SBMA administrative facilities.
    • Provides grass-cutting and tree-trimming services to locators and residents.
  • Transportation Division

    • Operates automotive equipment primarily for the purpose of providing shuttle services.
    • Operates on-base scheduled and non-scheduled light passenger vehicle shuttle.
    • Provides passenger transportation service and general automotive support to other department/activities on scheduled assignments, U-drive requests, temporary assignments, replacements and on-call requests.
    • Provides construction equipment and crew for earth-moving activities.
    • Provides tow truck services, as requested.
    • Provides and operates weight-handling equipment and support crew to all activities.
    • Maintains and repairs SBMA-owned equipment such as automotive, construction, weight-handling, fire-fighting, aviation ground support and other specialized equipment.
    • Provides transportation and equipment services for different SBMA and locator activities.
    • Develops and implements policies and procedures relative to the government waste management programs and laws.
    • Operates and maintains SBMA MRF/Landfill.
    • Accomplishes work within the scope of job plans.
    • Provides cost estimates for equipment damage/s caused by accident.
    • Administers written, psychological and driving proficiency examinations to SBMA vehicle operators, issues driver permits, maintains records of issuances, and conducts basic driving and behind-the-wheel training of SBMA designated drivers and operators.

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