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Jose G. Laxamana

Jose G. Laxamana



About Us

The Law Enforcement Department (LED) performs tasks that include physical security and investigative functions within the jurisdiction of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ), Republic of the Philippines. It enforces applicable laws of the country, orders, rules and regulations, including traffic, conducts forest, and harbor patrol, upholds protection of life and property, conducts investigations, which include handling of suspects that are under arrest or apprehended, implements security operations and control of all gates at various points of SBFZ.

The department provides 24-hour/7-day (24/7) general law enforcement operation, physical security and investigative functions on mobile and foot patrols within the confines of SBF.


To maintain peace and order within the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, while providing professional law enforcement and security services.


To align Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority as one of the safest Freeport Zone in the county.

The Manager is ex officio Chairman of the Traffic Safety Board, which comprises the following members:

  • Engineering Department
  • Planning Development Office
  • Public Health and Safety Department
  • Telecommunications Department
  • Road and Bridges Division, MTD
  • Tourism Department


Based on the powers, functions and duties prescribed under Chapter X Section, 109 of RA. 7227, the LED shall maintain law and order within the boundaries of SBFZ (Hereinafter, “Zone”). Access into and exit from the “Zone” shall be fully under the control and supervision of the SBMA security officers.

Support Group

  • Admin & Auxiliary Division

    Capt. Jocelyn G. Manday – Division Chief

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4505 / 4665

    Manages administrative work including but not limited to personnel management, trainings, procurement of goods and services. Provide guidance and assistance to LED personnel on matters of personnel movement as well as employee’s welfare and morale services.

    • Administrative Branch

      Lt. Julie J. Mañalac – Officer-In-Charge

      Tel. No.: +6347.252.4048 / 4855

      Provides internal administration of the department and various administrative support and personnel management services, timekeeping and maintenance of records and files of all personnel of the department. Also administers billing assessment of all security services. Authorized signatory on Applications for Leave and Daily Time Records (DTRs) of LED personnel.

    • Operations Command Center

      Lt. Warren S. Valdez - Officer-In-Charge

      Tel. No.: +6347.252.4665 / 4505

      Provides assistance to the Department Manager. Receives, compiles and acts on all communication from different SBMA departments, locators, other government agencies concerning the administrative and operational functions of different divisions and branches of LED.

    • Logistics Branch

      Lt. Noel L. Arbitrario - Officer-In-Charge

      Tel. No.: +6347.252.4212

      Maintains statistics on budget matters and prepares MOOE/CAPEX Budget Proposal every prior year in coordination with the different Branches/Detachments of LED. Manages, plans and controls the flow of goods, supplies, materials and equipment through an organization processes. Maintain an updated inventory of SBMA-LED owned firearms licenses. Provides logistical support as available to any events/activities being conducted/hosted by the department. Controls the LED Armory where firearms, ammunitions, and baton (PR-24) are issued to LED personnel.

    • Law Enforcement Academy

      Capt. Crispin G. Vanta - Officer-In-Charge

      Tel. No.: +6347.252.4272 / 4027

      Develops, implements, supervises, coordinates, evaluates and directs all facets of security, law enforcement, motor vehicles, firearms and special emergency response/disaster search and rescue training programs/policies/procedures for SBMA LED, other SBMA Departments, and locators within SBF. Provides seminars on Firearms Safety Procedures as a requirement for private security agencies for SBMA accreditation, and Traffic Rules and Regulations seminars for SBF locators and other agencies outside the SBF upon request.

  • Officer-of-the-Day

    Capt. Joseph D. Vitug - Officer-In-Charge

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4177

    Assists the Department Manager in the supervision of law enforcement and physical security tasks and exercise operational functions over all branches’ OICs and subordinates, ensuring effective response and execution of SOPs to all security related situations/incidents and maintaining the highest level of security inside the Freeport Zone.

  • Internal Affairs Section

    Lt. Aris S. Atienza - Officer-In-Charge

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4146

    Investigates all complaints and allegations of improper conduct against LED personnel in accordance with the existing policies, rules and regulations of the department. Provides investigative assistance to Investigation Division, Philippine National Police and other agencies in matters of mutual interest.

  • Special Operations Unit

    Capt. Dantenor A. Cruz - Officer-In-Charge

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4413

    Supervises the operations and oversees the implementation and achievement of the department's objectives, mission and vision in accordance with the prescribed rules and regulations of the department and SBMA as a whole. Administers policies and procedures for disposition of all reported and assigned cases and other measures necessary to ensure efficient resolution of cases.

    • General Assignment Service Section

      Lt. Marife M. Rubia - Officer-In-Charge

      Tel. No.: +6347.252.4413

      Conducts thorough investigation on cases such as: Unauthorized Fishing; Violation of Pass & ID Rules and Regulations; Apprehensions at the gates for verification; Violation incurred by illegal vendors and other vagrants unless such violations are punishable under PRC or other special criminal laws; and Traffic violations or incidents where there is no damage to property or injury to persons.

    • Gender-Based Desk Section

      Lt. Marife M. Rubia - Officer-In-Charge

      Assists the department in responding the gender-based violence cases and refer to proper authority. Conducts seminar to LED personnel how gender shape the role of women and men in the society, role development and relationship.

Operational Group

  • Physical Security & Community Relations Division

    Maj. Jose G. Laxamana Jr. – Division Chief

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4481

    Plans, implements and controls the over-all operation of the Port Sentinel Branch and Outsourcing of Security Services ensuring full compliance with the existing SBMA rules and regulations.

    • Port Sentinel Branch

      Lt. Niño B. Caligayahan - Officer-In-Charge

      Tel. No.: +6347.252.4423

      Ensures that all personnel/vehicles possess proper identification and authorization prior to entry/exit in all SBF gates (Main, Tipo, Rizal, Naval Supply Depot [NSD], Ship Repair Facility [SRF], 14th St., Kalaklan, Morong and Kalayaan Gate). Also provides Checkpoint on 10-13 Road to prevent unauthorized entry of persons and unauthorized pull out of government-owned equipment and materials.

    • Outsourcing of security services at Housing Areas

      Maintains physical security to the housing areas of SBF and ensures the safety of residents and locators.

    • Outsourcing of security services at Buildings of SBMA

      Provides physical security to SBMA buildings and ensure that SBMA personnel, guests and visitors are properly protected and secured.

  • Operations Division

    Maj. Gerardo A. Johnson – Division Chief

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4641

    Formulates and implements security policies and procedures for overall security measures of the SBF. Provides advisory assistance to the LED Manager pertaining to status of physical security measures, loss prevention management, law enforcement and general peace and order within SBF. Attend to planning and implementation of Special Events inside the Freeport Zone.

    • Planning Section

      Lt. Alfred V. Jose

      Tel. No.: +6347.252.4641

      Attends Coordination Meetings with concerned departments during planning of Special Events and prepare Implementation Plan (IMPLAN) to ensure security and safety of participants during the events.

    • Communications Branch

      Lt. Roderic C. Grueso - Officer-In-Charge

      Tel. No.: +6347.252.4650 / 4550

      Plans, organizes and controls overall activities of the SBMA E-911 Rescue System. Monitors and records the 24-hour activities of LED operations within and outside SBF.

  • Patrol Division

    Capt. Marlon J. Mallari – Division Chief

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4143

    Plans, implements and controls the over-all operation of the Traffic and Harbor Patrol branches, ensuring full compliance with existing SBMA Rules and Regulations.

    • Harbor Patrol Branch

      Lt. Ador R. Fajardo - Officer-In-Charge

      Tel. No.: +6347.4142

      Provides security over SBF territorial waters, preventing illegal fishing and other forms of abuse that deplete its marine and natural resources. Member, LED Rescue Team.

    • Traffic Branch

      Lt. Roland Lomboy - Officer-In-Charge

      Tel. No.: +6347.252.4121

      Implements and enforces traffic rules and regulations. Maintains smooth and orderly vehicular and pedestrian traffic along main roads and major intersections, and provides security escorts to VIPs and other dignitaries, both local and foreign.

  • Special Reaction Division

    Maj. Rene D. Alinea Jr. – Division Chief

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4481

    Plans, implements and controls the over-all special activities conducted/hosted by the department for contingences or other emergencies that may occur within SBF or nearby towns.

    • Canine (K-9) Branch

      Lt. Edmundo S. Avecilla - Officer-In-Charge

      Tel. No.: +6347.5500

      Ensures the security of buildings, properties and most especially persons exposed to dangerous areas, utilizing the working dogs' potential and capability to detect explosive devices, dangerous drugs and other illegal substances.

    • Special Weapons and Tactics

      Sgt. Atoz C. Ballesteros - Officer-In-Charge

      Tel. No.: +6347.252.5027

      Performs special police functions as reaction unit responding to serious threat that may occur within the SBF such as bomb threats, intruder activities, burglaries and other emergencies.

    • Forest Ranger Branch

      Capt. Ronaldo R. Lansangan - Officer-In-Charge

      Tel. No.: +6347.252.5217

      Protects and preserves the remaining rain forest of SBF by conducting armed mobile and foot patrol to deter unauthorized acts such as illegal harvesting of forest products, forest arson and other criminal activities. Member, LED Rescue Team.

    • Tracer Unit

      Lt. Noel Nacional - Officer-In-Charge

      Provides maximum security coverage and intensified police visibility within SBFZ especially in the Housing Areas to effectively deter/counter act adverse situation and to avoid loss of lives and properties; conducts jungle, perimeter patrolling, stakeout and special operations to detect presence of trespassers/intruders.

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