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Rodel E. del Rosario

Rodel E. del Rosario

Department Manager III

About Us

The Intelligence Office supports the SBMA Chairman and the SBMA Administrator and all others who make and execute the Philippine National Security Policy by:

  • Providing factual, evidence-based, comprehensive and timely National Security-related intelligence (within the Subic Bay Freeport Zone);
  • Conducting Personnel Security Investigation (PSI) activities, economic Intelligence and other functions, as directed by the SBMA Chairman and/or the SBMA Administrator;
  • Assisting the SBMA Chairman and/or the SBMA Administrator in attaining Intelligence objectives through the effective management of all intelligence and counter-intelligence activities of the SBMA; and
  • Providing quality services and ensuring that all services provided are prompt and carried out properly.


To provide and oversee factual and comprehensive Intelligence Services relative to crime prevention and security, and safety and protection of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ), which are deemed necessary in the management's planning and decision making;


To provide and oversee factual and comprehensive Intelligence Services relative to crime prevention and security, and safety and protection of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ), which are deemed necessary in the management's planning and decision making;

Our Functions

  • Provides intelligence services (surveillance, background investigation, VIP security, etc.) as requested by various departments;
  • Conducts background investigation and record check of persons/groups as required by various departments.
  • Issues Intelligence Office Clearance for incorporators and proprietors of establishments who intend to engage in businesses within SBFZ and Clearance/Evaluation for the renewal of Locator's Certificate of Accreditation;
  • Establishes and maintains close liaison with Security Officers of locators/investors and other Law Enforcement Units external to SBMA, and provides assistance on matters of mutual interest;
  • Conducts periodic security training/refresher courses/orientation seminars to concerned employees and ensures their compliance with the security requirements of SBMA;
  • Monitors the activities of terroristic elements which are likely to infiltrate the labor force inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Our Services

  • Security survey and inspection of all vital installations;
  • Personnel security investigation of employees;
  • Updated data bank of information;
  • Intelligence operations to counter Organized Crime Groups/Syndicated Crime Groups;
  • Credit Investigation: or assets and liability verification;
  • Pre-employment investigation such as background check on family chronicle, employment history, community activities, affiliations, vices, health and criminal records;
  • Security assistance for foreigners and local VIPs, dignitaries, Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) personnel and personnel of vessels arriving at SBFZ;
  • Industrial research to counter business saboteur and prevent product imitations;
  • Surveillance (all forms of surveillance);
  • Issuance of Intelligence Office Clearance and evaluation for the renewal of SBF Locators Certificate of Accreditation;
  • Issuance of Intelligence Office Clearance to potential local and foreign incorporators and proprietors who intend to engage in business at SBFZ.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is an Intelligence Office Clearance (IOC)?

    • An Intelligence Office Clearance provides information to the Business and Investment Group if potential or incoming local and foreign incorporators/proprietors have no derogatory records.
  • How is an IOC conducted?

    • The Intelligence Office coordinates with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (BID) and the Philippine Center on Transnational Crime (PCTC) to get necessary documents. Derogatory information found against an investor is immediately communicated to the SBMA Business and Investment Group through sealed confidential report.
  • What are the requirements in securing an IOC?

    • Applicant must submit a Letter of Request addressed to Intelligence Office through the Business and Investment Group, together with the following:
      • BIODATA with pictures of the Incorporator/Proprietor;
      • Photocopy of Passport of Foreign Incorporator/Proprietor;
      • Photocopy of two (02) valid Identification Cards of local incorporator/proprietor; and
      • Result of Background Investigation conducted on the incorporators/proprietors of SBF investors by the Intelligence Office personnel.
  • How does one apply for an IOC?

    • Applicant shall proceed to the Special Operations Branch, Room 217, 2nd floor, Bldg. 657, Raymundo St., SBFZ.
    • Applicant shall present the required documents to the IO personnel on duty.
    • IO Personnel issues billing assessment to the applicant, who shall pay the applicable fees at the Treasury Department, located at the G/F of Bldg. 229. The following fees shall apply:
      • US$10.00/person for foreign investors
      • Php500.00/person for local investors
      • The Intelligence Office will issue the clearance in ten (10) days.
  • What is the importance of an IOC in the evaluation for renewal of a locator's Certificate of Accreditation?

    • An IOC is one of the major requirements in the evaluation procedure of Accreditation Office, Labor Center Service Contracting Office, and Transportation and Communications Department prior to the renewal of a locator's Certificate of Accreditation.
  • How does one apply for renewal of IOC clearance?

    • The applicant shall proceed to the Special Operations Branch, Room 217, 2nd floor, Bldg. 657, Raymundo St., SBFZ, and fill-up the Accreditation Evaluation Form together with the Letter of Request for Clearance for Renewal of Certificate of Accreditation of SBF Locators.
    • The applicant shall submit the ff requirements:
      • List of new/additional employees (together with their BIODATA with pictures)
      • List of SBF locators/residents that you had served for the previous year
      • Photocopy of OR/CR of vehicles being used within SBFZ
      • Payment of P100.00 for renewal fee at Treasury Department
      • Other important/additional requirements that are needed by various sectors such as:
        • Security Services
          • List of firearms used within SBFZ, photocopy of firearm's licenses and individual Security Guard's License
        • Transportation Service
          • Photocopy of driver's license
        • Petroleum Products (Hauling)
          • Calibration Report from National Metrology Laboratory
          • Permit for the Transportation of Flammable Liquids by Tank Trucks from Bureau of Fire Protection
        • Hazardous Wastes
          • Discharge Permit from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources
          • Transporter Registration Certificate
          • Environmental Compliance Certificate
        • Trucking Services
          • NBI Clearance of drivers/helpers
        • General Engineering Services and Electro Mechanical Services
          • List of equipment used within SBFZ
        • Canteen Operator
          • Memorandum of Agreement with concerned Departments/Offices/Company
        • Hauling of Waste Oil
          • Pertinent documents from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources
        • Tank Cleaning Services
          • List of equipment used in SBFZ
          • Certificate of Pertinent Training of Safety Officer
          • Certificate of Relevant Training of Safety Officer and Staff
        • Environmental and Laboratory services
          • List of equipment regularly brought to SBFZ
        • Supplier of LPG Gas
          • Pertinent documents from the Bureau of Fire Protection
        • VFA Vendor
          • NBI Clearance of employees

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