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Bldg. 71 Sampson Road, Central Business District, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Tel. No.: +6347.252.4830 / 4657 / 4224
Fax No.: +6347.252.4227

Ranny D. Magno

Ranny D. Magno

Department Manager III


  • Fire Suppression Division

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4830

    • Provides immediate response to combat all fire incidents in all SBMA facilities within the Freeport zone;
    • Provides fire protection standby for helicopter landings and take off, and other special hazards such as welding, fuel spills and fireworks; and
    • Provides rescue services within the Freeport Zone, as well as to other parts of the country upon request.
  • Fire Prevention Division

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4061

    • Manages the development, supervision, coordination and direction of Fire Prevention and Inspection within the Freeport Zone;
    • Conducts building inspections and recommends corrections of all deficiencies;
    • Coordinates building/fire warden training program with SBF locators/investors;
    • Conducts fire drills and fire extinguisher demonstrations; and
    • Conducts operational acceptance tests for fire protection system.

About Us

Section 12 (h) of R.A. 7227: The defense of the zone and the security of its perimeters shall be the responsibility of the National Government in coordination with the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority shall provide and establish its own internal security and firefighting forces.


To serve our community through fire prevention, emergency and rescue operations, and excellent customer service


To serve the community by maintaining a progressive and professional fire department committed to excellence

Fire Stations

  • Fire Station 1 - Upper Cubi
  • Fire Station 2 - Naval Magazine
  • Fire Station 3 - SBIA
  • Fire Station 4 - Boton
  • Fire Station 5 - Binictican Housing
  • Fire Station 6 - Kalayaan Housing
  • Fire Station 7 - CBD Area


  • Emergency Services
    • Structural firefighting
    • Industrial firefighting
    • Aircraft firefighting
    • Shipboard firefighting
    • Hazardous Materials (HazMat)
    • Collapsed Structure Search and Rescue (CSSR)
    • Water Search and Rescue (WaSAR)
    • Vehicular Accident Extrication
    • Grass / Forest Fires
    • Bomb threats
    • Fuel / Oil Spill
    • Land animal rescue
  • Training Services
    • Fire Brigade Training
    • Disaster Management
    • Collapsed Structure Search and Rescue Training
    • Water Search and Rescue (WaSAR)
    • Structural and Aircraft Firefighting
    • Industrial Fire Protection
  • Fire Prevention Services
    • Building fire safety Inspections
    • Issuance of Hazardous Operations Permit (welding, cutting)
    • Fire Truck standby (film shooting, fireworks display, bonfire, ammunition/ordinance loading/unloading)

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