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GrainPro launches innovative solar dryer to help small farmers
Jun 01, 2015

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT - A Subic-based company, recognized as world leader in post-harvest storage and drying solutions, launched another innovation of solar-powered grain dryers that aim to improve the productivity of small farmers.

GrainPro Inc., with a manufacturing and marketing facility in Subic Bay, announced the commercial launching of its Solar Bubble Dryer 25 (SBD25), which promises significantly improved grain drying capability all-year round.

The company also produces the SBD25-Electric, which has the same specifications but uses electricity to operate.

SBD25 is a collapsible modular dryer measuring 15 meters long and with a drying area of 25 square meters that can accommodate up to 500 kilograms of grains. Because of its compact feature, the SBD25 can be easily transported, assembled, and stored.

Branded as a perfect innovation for small farmers who produce 300-500 kilos per harvest, the SBD25 dries the grains while protecting them against rain and rewetting at day time and moisture-filled air at night.

Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Chairman Roberto Garcia lauded GrainPro for creating the SBD25, which is expected to significantly help small farmers, especially those who live in communities without proper drying facilities or space.

“Our farmers will be happy to own this portable but very useful equipment,” said Garcia.

He noted that the SBD25-Solar uses solar power and can be used even in the remotest part of the country that lack the necessary dry space and facility for harvested grains, such as corn, coffee beans, cacao, spices, peanuts, and other grain seeds.

“Smallholder farmers now have the perfect drying partner with the SBD25,” says Philippe Villers, president of GrainPro, Inc., which has its main office in Concord, Massachussetts, USA.

“Almost all of the grain commodities can benefit from the superior drying ability of SBD25, which will help improve farm production and the income potential of farmers in developing nations,” Villers said.

Last year, GrainPro rolled out at its production facility in Subic Bay the SBD25’s predecessor, the Solar Bubble Dryer 50 (SBD50) and Collapsible Dryer Case II (CDC II) which are designed to dry up to one metric ton using the same principles employed by the SBD25.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of US-based GrainPro, GrainPro Philippines has sales offices in India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil and Mexico. (30)

The Solar Bubble Dryer 25 (SBD25) is touted to be a perfect drying partner for smallholder farmers.

The Solar Bubble Dryer 25 (SBD25) is touted to be a perfect drying partner for smallholder farmers.

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