Please help reforest the denuded and open grasslands of the Subic Bay Freeport in Mt. Sta. Rita by volunteering for the Adopt-a-Forest Program. There are over 400 hectares of open areas that need to be rehabilitated to bring back the ecological integrity of these once forested areas. Your assistance is needed to help restore these critical habitats. Adopt-a-Forest is a volunteer program sponsored by the Ecology Center to promote the restoration of the Subic Bay Freeportís open grasslands through reforestation. It also increases public awareness on the importance of caring for the environment. Volunteers are given the opportunity to make a positive effort and experience pride in creating a greener Freeport.

Adopt-a-Forest Guidelines

  1. Participants must be part of a group (i.e. SBF locator, SBMA department, or any school inside the SBF). Persons participating must be at least 13 years of age.
  2. Each adopting group shall plant a minimum of 100 seedlings on an area designated by the Ecology Center. However, volunteers shall be the one to clear and prepare the site for planting. They shall also bring all hand tools such as bolos, rakes, etc. needed for clearing and planting.
  3. Adopting group shall contact the Ecology Center for site inspection and designation of area prior to any activity.
  4. The Ecology Center will provide a contract of agreement to each adopting group who signed up for the program.
  5. Adopting group may hold ceremonies prior to planting. They may also personalize the area by installing billboards with their company logos and name tags.
  6. Adoption is for a period of three years or until the seedlings are self sustainable. Maintenance of the project shall include firebreak establishment, fertilizer application, weeding and replanting. Adopting group has the option to hire maintenance crew for their assigned area.
  7. Maintenance crew assigned in the area will be given proper training on fire management by the Ecology Center.
  8. Monitoring and assessment shall be done by the adopting group. Quarterly progress reports shall be submitted to the Ecology Center.
  9. Each participating group will be given a plaque of recognition at the end of the adoption period.
  10. Please contact Edmond G. De Jesus at tel. no. 252-4656 for inquiries.