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Safety Reminders

Important information to keep in mind


Home Safety
- Keep flammable and combustible materials (e.g., paper, newspapers, pot holders, curtains, gasoline, and solvents) away from any open flames coming from your appliances and any other sources of heat.
- Unplug electrical appliances when not in use.
- Do not leave cooking unattended.
- Ensure all emergency devices such as smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are working properly.
- Regularly inspect condition of wiring, cords, plugs, fuses and electrical equipment to avoid shorts and sparks.
- Weather-proof all outdoor outlets and fittings that may be exposed to wind and rain.
- Do not plug in too many electrical appliances or equipment at a single time or to octopus connections to avoid circuit overloads.
- Never leave wires hanging loose along pathways.
- Turn off light switches or outlets when felt warm and immediately call a qualified electrician to check the wiring.
- Keep electrical appliances away from windows to avoid electric shock and damage that rain may cause.
- Don't run electrical cords under rugs, carpets or furniture. Walking on cords can break wiring and possibly cause a fire.
- Use light bulbs of specified wattage for your lamp or lighting fixture and screw in securely to avoid overheat and fire.
- Avoid placing electrical appliances near water, like in sinks or bathtubs.
- Ensure all plugs fit securely in outlets. Never force a plug into an outlet if it doesn't fit.
- Circuit breakers and fuses should be of correct sizes for the circuits and are properly labeled.
- Inform all members of the family living in the house of fire exits and emergency contact numbers.
- Label chemical products properly and keep them away from children's reach.
- Keep doors closed and windows screened to prevent mosquitoes and even monkeys from entering the house.


Parking Vehicles
- Park your vehicles only in designated parking areas.
- Always keep your cars locked and car keys with you.
- Do not leave valuable things and documents inside your parked vehicle.


- Do not drink and drive.
- Never go beyond maximum speed limit.
- Obey traffic rules at all times.
- Ensure vehicle is in good running condition before driving.


- Stay on bicycle lanes at all times.
- Wear helmet.
- Biking children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Maintenance of Surroundings
- Keep surroundings clean and green.
- Trim grasses regularly. Grasses should not be allowed to grow beyond 1.5 inches as this may pose danger to public safety and may be an attraction to forest animals such as snakes, rats and wild pigs.
- Eliminate stagnant water that serve as mosquito breeding sites within your surroundings especially along roadside canals and stored water in uncovered containers.


- Call a service provider for water leakages, busted lamp posts, damaged electrical lines, and all other concerns of utility lines.
- Immediately report tree branches that have fallen and/or may cause damage to electrical wirings. Do not cut trees unless a permit has been secured from the Ecology Center.


Pet Safety
- Have your pets vaccinated.
- Confine or secure your pets.
- Make sure pets are properly endorsed to caretakers or neighbors for proper caring when on vacation.


Visitor Entry
- Expected visitors who are not from the SBF housing areas should be properly coordinated with the housing sentry.


- Dial 911 from any landline within SBF for all types of emergency situations.
- Dial 91111 from a Globe or Smart mobile phone.
- Make sure that caretakers and people regularly left at home are properly informed and constantly reminded on home safety measures.
- Post safety reminders and emergency hotlines in a conspicuous place in the house.

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