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Statement on Assumption as SBMA Chairperson and Administrator
Sep 26, 2017

This is a great day of promise for the SBMA and the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

With utmost gratefulness and humility, I accept this appointment by President Duterte to head the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority as Chairperson and Administrator, knowing fully well that I am here to help fulfill the mission that the people of Olongapo, Zambales and Bataan have set for themselves 25 years ago.

We all claim this victory today as stakeholders of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone who are cognizant of the vision for Subic as a haven for economic production in this part of the globe, and as a progenitor of inclusive growth in this part of the country.

We claim this victory as responsive movers and catalysts of positive change, not only in our individual workplaces, but also in our larger workstation that is the community.

But in claiming this victory, we cannot forget our moorings: We won not because we have remained while others had to go; we won because we have seen a wrong and we decided—together—to set it right.

While the recent months have been trying times, it is clear that these have only made us stronger and firmer in our vision for the SBMA and Subic Bay. We emerged triumphant not only because we were grounded on truth and reason, but because we found strength in a common battle and re-discovered solidarity under a common purpose. If only for these, we have these trying times to thank for—for they brought us back to our rightful place as a united people. Muli, nakita natin na kaya ang lahat kapag sama-sama. Nakita natin na may kakaibang lakas kung may malasakit at pagkaka- isa.

We have today a new beginning for the SBMA and for the Subic Bay community. And as I stand clothed in this title of SBMA Chairperson and Administrator, I again seek the counsel and support of all the people who have made this change possible, for we still have a huge job to do. Subic Bay, after all, is a national resource that must be sustained, lest we all fail in this our great
mission. And so we cannot be complacent. We cannot be passive. We cannot rest even a minute in trying to make Subic as productive to investments as it is beneficial to our community.

As SBMA Chairperson and Administrator, I foresee that the task before us could be daunting to ordinary people. But I am confident that our shared passion and common resolve would bring us beyond regular expectations. For after a battle has been won and after victory has been gained, we, the SBMA employees, the investors and workers in the Freeport, and the residents in the greater
Subic Bay area, could only go back to where we have started: with our love, and dedication, and passion for this place we call home. Guided by these values, and with the ample grace of God, I know that we can keep our promise and that we will do well.


SBMA Chairperson & Administrator
26 September 2017

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