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Filipino, Taiwanese firms to build e-vehicles in Subic Freeport
Nov 16, 2015

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT — Ropali Corporation, one of the top motorcycle dealers in the Philippines, and TECO Electric and Machinery Co., Ltd., a Taiwan-based company that develops and manufactures electric motors, introduced on Tuesday environment-friendly vehicles at its plant site in this Freeport.

In a simple launching ceremony, ROTECO, the company name for Ropali and TECO Corporation, unveiled to the public the electric tricycle or the E-Trike and the four-wheeled electric jeepney or the E-Jeepney.

TECO Chairman Chao Kai Liu said that the electric vehicles will provide the riding public with opportunities to replace second-hand diesel jeepneys that emit dirty smoke and consume much fuel.

“By bringing out green and smart mobility, we can raise the quality of public transport in the Philippines and at the same time, help reduce carbon emission and dumping of used oil in our environment, which cause climate change,” Liu said.

Ropali President Roberto Alingog on his part said that ROTECO’s main objective is to introduce innovation in the transport sector by creating battery-powered E-vehicles that do not emit smoke or make noise.

“It is our advocacy to drive social entrepreneurship by giving back to the people clean air and a clean living environment,” Alingog said.

Production of electric vehicles is expected to commence on the first of January next year, he added.

The ROTECO launching ceremony was graced by Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Chairman Roberto Garcia, Olongapo City Mayor Rolen Paulino, and Zambales Vice-Governor Ramon Lacbain II.

Chairman Garcia lauded the project, pointing out that it dovetails with the SBMA’s commitment to protect and preserve the environment, especially within the Freeport.

“We have successfully implemented the no-plastic policy in all establishments, and initiated programs for rain forest and coastal protection as part of our commitment to help protect the environment,” said Garcia. “This project is another big step in that direction.”

He added that Subic will soon become a center for renewable energy, as the largest solar farm facility in Asia has started construction to produce cheap electricity for Freeport locators.

ROTECO officials said the electric vehicles provide various advantages. The four-passenger plus driver E-Trike, for instance, assures high cruising range of 80 kilometers for every battery life.

It also features heavy duty front forks, leaf-spring suspension and flat- and ladder-type chassis to give the spacious trike stability and maneuverability.

For the E-Jeepney, the vehicle has a side entrance and a rear emergency exit to provide passengers with safe and easy entry and exit.

With a water resistant and powerful 12-kilowatt electric motor, the E-Jeepney is able to produce 140 Nm of torque and guarantee a 20% climbing ability. It can accommodate 20 passengers and can travel 80 kilometers per newly-charged batteries.

Both the E-Trike and E-Jeepney capitalize on five premium qualities: safety, power, efficiency, comfort, and stability (SPECS). (30)

TECO Chairman Chao Kai Liu discusses the advantages of the E-Jeepney with SBMA Chairman Roberto Garcia during the launching of the e-vehicles project of ROTECO in Subic Bay Freeport.

TECO Chairman Chao Kai Liu discusses the advantages of the E-Jeepney with SBMA Chairman Roberto Garcia during the launching of the e-vehicles project of ROTECO in Subic Bay Freeport.

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