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Enercon program saves SBMA P1.8-M in August
Oct 12, 2012

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT - The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) has saved a total of P1.8-million last August, its biggest power consumption savings since the agency started its energy conservation program last year.

Rani Cruz, SBMA Utilities Department manager, said that barely ten months after the implementation of the agency's power conservation measures, significant savings have become noticeable since last July.

"From P6.98-million in July, the power consumption by SBMA departments and offices went down to P5.16-million in August, or a 26-percent reduction," Cruz noted.

He said that in terms of kilowatt hours saved, the SBMA recorded a drop of 48,417 kWh as the agency's power consumption decreased from 711,684 kWh in July to 663,267 kWh in August.

The power deduction in August is the biggest savings achieved so far by the agency since it introduced power conservation measures in August 2011, in line with the Government Energy Management Program of the national government and the SBMA board's directive "to implement controls to manage and/or institute austerity measures."

A resolution issued in July 2011 by the SBMA board of directors also enjoined SBMA officials and employees to practice conservation measures and ordered that savings from the program to be partly redirected to "increase the budget for training of personnel and other expenses."

Under the power conservation program, Cruz said the SBMA has achieved 80 per cent replacement of 40-watt bulbs to 32-watt bulb usage as required by the government.

Cruz added that the SBMA Utilities Department is undertaking strict monitoring of power consumption of SBMA departments and offices to ensure that reduced consumption is maintained.

Records showed that the SBMA spent P6.96 million for its power bills in May, P7.02 million in June with a 0.82 per cent increase, and then P6.98 million in July or a 0.63 per cent decrease.

Cruz said that the month of May was pegged to benchmark the agency's consumption, as it was in this month when the National Power Corporation (NPC) and the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation (PSALM) started charging the "Deferred Accounting Adjustment."

Under this scheme, the newly increased generation charge will be billed for the next ten years, Cruz explained.

Aside from the generation charge, the transmission charge and system loss charge also increased during the said billing period.

Cruz also stressed the need to further cut down on power costs, but added that the SBMA has been successful in its energy conservation program because of the cooperation of employees and strict implementation by the management.

"We have to do everything that we can because the SBMA is a self-sustaining GOCC (government-owned and controlled corporation). We are not subsidized by the government. We earn what we spend," Cruz added. (30)

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