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Environmental Policies

Environmental guidelines for residents, locators & visitors.


Tree Cutting/Tree Trimming Activities
1. Tree Cutting Permit authorizing the holder to cut or remove trees if such is necessary or unavoidable in connection with the implementation of vital infrastructure projects or SBMA facilities, or to protect public safety;
2. Tree Trimming Permit authorizing the holder to trim undesirable parts or overgrown branches of trees and shrubs for the protection of public safety and maintenance of facilities (e.g. power transmission and distribution lines), and enhancement of visual amenity.


Replacement Requirements
All trees that have been cut or damaged under a Tree Cutting Permit shall be replaced with saplings of indigenous species according to replacement ratios set by the SBMA. The replacement ratios are based on three factors:
1. Species value - as determined by the intrinsic ecological value of the tree species; rare and endangered species have higher replacement requirements compared to common species.
2. Habitat value - as determined by the SBPAMP management zone classification of the area where the cutting activity will take place; areas designated as core ecological zones are critical for protection and thus entail higher replacement requirements.
3. Commercial value - as determined mainly by the size of the tree cut, and other market factors (premium or non-premium wood). In addition to providing replacement saplings, the permit holder shall be required to pay a fee for planting and maintenance (for a period of three years) to be undertaken by the SBMA.


Solid Waste Management Schedule of Fees for Residential Areas
All wastes, except for toxic and hazardous wastes, generated within the SBFZ shall, at all times, be disposed of at the Olongapo City Dumpsite.
1. Regular Collection : US$10.00 per household/month
2. Special Collection* : U$30.00/truck
3. Tipping Fee** : US$31.00/truckload (maximum of 15 cu. m.)
4. Grass Cutting*** : PHP235 for 200 sq. m. and below; PHP1.10/sq.m. for every area in excess of 200 sq.m.

*This refers to collection of wastes other than the specified and/or requested time and day of collection. All residents and locators are limited to a maximum of 30 bags per collection. Bags exceeding this number shall fall under special collection.
**Only accredited haulers and locators with capability to transfer/haul their waste/garbage are allowed to avail Tipping Permits.
***Penalty Fee for grass cutting takes effect when the CMD makes the initiative to do the necessary ground maintenance work because the area has become unsightly and poses danger to life and property as a result of a locator's/resident's inaction. The rate is higher than the Service Fee in order to encourage consciousness among locators and residents to clean up on time. Penalty Fee: PHP1,500 for 200 sq. m. and below; PHP1.10/sq. m. for every area in excess of 200 sq. m.

List of Environmentally Critical Areas (ECAs)
ECA is defined as an area that is environmentally sensitive and is so listed under Presidential Proclamation No. 2146 Series of 1981 as well as other areas which the President may proclaim as environmentally critical in accordance with Section 4 of PD 1586:
1. All areas declared by law as national parks, watershed reserves, wildlife preserves and sanctuaries;
2. Areas set aside as aesthetic potential tourist spots;
3. Areas which constitute the habitat for any endangered or threatened species of indigenous Philippine wildlife (flora and fauna);
4. Areas of unique historic archeological or scientific interest;
5. Areas which are traditionally occupied by cultural communities or tribes;
6. Areas frequently visited and/or hard-hit by natural calamities;
7. (geologic hazards, floods, typhoons, volcanic activity, etc.);
8. Areas with critical slopes;
9. Areas classified as prime agricultural lands;
10. Recharge areas of aquifer;
11. Water bodies characterized by one or any combination of the following conditions:
-tapped for domestic purposes
-within the controlled and/or protected areas declared by appropriate authorities
-which support wildlife and fishery activities
12. Mangrove areas characterized by one of any combination of the following conditions:
-with primary pristine and dense young growth
-adjoining mouth of major river systems
-near or adjacent to traditional productive fry or fishery grounds
-which act as natural buffers against shore erosion, strong winds and storm floods
-on which people are dependent for their livelihood
13. Coral reefs characterized by one of any combination of the following conditions:
-with fifty percent (50%) and above live coral line cover
-spawning and nursery grounds for fish
-which act as natural breakwater of coastlines

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