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Marietta Fe S. Dumlao

About Us
The Transportation and Communications Department (TCD) is tasked to promote, develop, and ensure adequate and dependable networks of land transportation and communications in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone in a fast, safe, efficient and reliable manner.


A Subic Bay Freeport Zone with a diversity of state-of-the-art communication technology infrastructure and land transportation services exceeding any available in the country and at par with developing neighboring countries, contributing to the over-all development of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, the improvement of the socio-economic status of its stakeholders, and the promotion of the welfare of the general public.


The Transportation and Communications Department (TCD) is a regulatory unit providing an environment that ensures adequate, convenient, dependable, affordable and efficient communications technology infrastructure and land transportation services accessible to all through the implementation of policies, programs and projects responsive to an investment-led and demand-driven business environment.


Telephony Standard Division

       Tel. Nos. 252-4047/4441/4446

  • The team provides central support for SBMA’s wired and mobile telephony needs, including the following services:
    • Moving, adding and/or changing phone lines, equipment and telephone features;
    • Setting up, troubleshooting, repairing and/or maintaining phone lines and equipment;
    • Provisioning of call services, phone features, long distance access, telephone directory, operator call center and other desired functionality; and
    •  Managing the organization’s Cellular Mobile Telephone Service (CMTS) subscriptions.


Communications Network Compliance Division

Tel. Nos. 252-4442/4570

  • (General statement about the division’s main function), including the following services:
    • Seamless delivery of 24/7 efficient radio communications services for the SBMA; and
    • Constant monitoring and facilitation of SBMA's lawful compliance to all technical and legal requirements of existing appropriate Philippine standards and regulation of its on-hand and operated basic and enhanced wire line and wireless telecommunications systems, networks facilities and services and all other telecommunications systems technologies that are at present available through technical advances or innovations in the future.


Electronics Standard Division

Tel. Nos. 252-4444/4446/4437

  • (General statement about the division’s main function), including the following services:
    • Provision of support services with quality and urgency;
    • Adherence to principles of transparency;
    • Customization of services in response to customer's needs;
    • Administration of proactive policy; and
    • Delivery of services on weekends and holidays, when necessary.


Transport Regulatory Division

Tel. Nos.  252-4249/4663

  • The division supervises and regulates the public land transportation system in the Freeport to ensure its legitimacy, adequacy, safety, convenience and dependability for the benefit of the public at large.  It also:
    • Handles issuance, franchise, Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) and accreditation relative to the public transportation system and shuttle services in the Freeport;
    • Determines fare rate to all applicants for public transportation system and shuttle services;
    • Is responsible for the registration of tax exempt vehicles and privately owned vehicles (POV), including approval of importation, releases, registration, entry and exit pass, and other related activities to tax exempt vehicles; and
    • Issues decals, stickers, and vehicle pass for POVs such as motorcycles and bicycles and maintains master list of all registered vehicles operating within the Zone for the promotion and maintenance of the safety, security and comfort of all traveling motor vehicles.

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