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Anna Joy T. Quito

Anna Joy T. Quito


About Us

The Trade Facilitation & Compliance Department (TFCD) was the former Import/Export Processing Division under the Investment Processing Department.

In February 2008, through Office Order 08-02-987 and in accordance with Board Resolution No. 06-12-1317, authorizing the Administrator to implement the proposed reorganizational structure of SBMA, the division was categorized as a department, and placed under the Office of the Senior Deputy Administrator for Operations.

The TFCD facilitates admission of goods into the Subic Bay Freeport Zone through the efficient delivery of front-line services such as processing of permits on imports, exports and keeping locators/investors abreast with all existing procedural guidelines implemented by the SBMA.


Selective and risk-based audit of books, records and stocktaking of goods or inventory checks and/or physical inspection checks in the Zone to ensure that only goods properly admitted exist in the premises of the locator and thereby those unaccounted for to have been brought into customs territory.


  • Trade Processing Division

    Tel. Nos.: +6347.252.4293

    • To review and evaluate proper documentation and processing of import and export applications within the Zone;
    • To ensure that policies, guidelines and all matters and interests relating to the processing of imports and exports are strictly, efficiently and effectively implemented;
    • To implement the automation of trade processes like the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA), Electronic Transit Admission Permit System (ETAPS), and Automated Export Documentation System (AEDS); and
    • To develop the Intra-zone Monitoring System (IMS) with E-konek Pilipinas whereby the movements of goods within the zone can be monitored in real time.
  • Trade Monitoring & Compliance Division

    Tel. Nos.: +6347.252.4089

    • To implement selective and risk-based audit of books, records, systems and stocks of goods in the Zone to ensure that goods properly admitted exist in the premises of the locator and thereby those unaccounted for to have been brought into customs territory.
    • To conduct post audit of importation, stocktaking and inventory checks on registered enterprises;
    • To review and check liquidation reports submitted by the locator to ensure that the goods admitted into the Zone are properly removed from the premises of the registered enterprises; and
    • To evaluate and analyze requests for Admission Permit by the locator/importer prior to approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

For shipment to be discharged in Subic Port, you must first be accredited in the Trade Automation and Facilitation System (TAFS) using the DiTI (Direct Input Traders). For shipment to be discharged in other ports (Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Port Of Manila, Manila International Container Port), enrollment to Electronic Transit Admission Permit System (ETAPS) is a must. Forms for such enrolment/accreditation are available in the Department or from the offices of SBMA-accredited Value Added Service Providers (VASP) namely E-Konek Pilipinas and Intercommerce Network Services.

If the activity of the locator is logistics or trading either within or outside the zone, the same has to make a formal request addressed to the office of Senior Deputy Administrator for Port Operations. It is later endorsed to TFCD for evaluation and assessment in compliance with its registered activity based on its Certificate of Registration and Tax Exemption (CRTE) and its capacity to import the same. Request must be made prior to the sailing of goods from the port of origin. In the absence of an AP, the company will be penalized US$2,000.00 per shipment for the first offense and/or seizure of the goods or revocation of its CRTE for the succeeding offenses.

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