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Jerome M. Martinez

Jerome M. Martinez

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Izume Konata


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About Us

The Seaport Department is committed to provide quality services for the Subic Bay Freeport Zone Port Users by adhering to its Quality Management System's best practices with an eye at improving the standards of the maritime industry.

The department is in charge of managing the Port of Subic Bay, which had been an ISO 9001-2000 certified port in 2003 and 2004. It is composed of five (5) divisions, namely: Asset Management, Corporate, Marine, Policy and Terminal Divisions. All the divisions - except for the Terminal Division's office at the NSD Compound, nearer most of the port's piers and wharves - are located in the Seaport Administration Building along Waterfront Road, SBFZ.

Our Mission

The Port of Subic Bay serves as a model of a highly capable commercial port by contributing to the improvement of trade and commerce in the country.

Our Vision

The Port of Subic Bay shall be at the cutting edge of select maritime-related industries and serve as a maritime logistics hub in the East Asian Region.

Quality Policy

The Seaport Department is engaged in the business of providing quality services to maritime logistics industry players based in the Central and Northern Luzon provinces, as well as their respective global business partners. With the aim of continuously improving the standards of the maritime industry, it adheres to its Quality Management System while ensuring that industry best practices are observed in offering and sustaining its seaport facilities in the best working condition for seamless cargo and vessel operations.

Quality Objective and Basic Strategies

Our objectives include the achievement of total customer satisfaction by rendering quality services and maintaining the highest level of ethical standard as we strategize by providing excellent maritime and logistics services at all times, living by the core values of dynamism, excellence and commitment, and equipping employees with relevant knowledge, competencies and skills to effectively carry out assigned tasks.


The Seaport Department is engaged in the business of providing services through the issuance of clearances for cargo and cargo transport in the Port of Subic Bay. These services include the issuance of clearances such as Vessel Entry and Exit Clearances, Bring-in Clearance for inbound cargoes, Gate Pass for outgoing cargoes, Foreign and Local Transshipment Clearances, and clearances for Temporary Transfers to our customers - the Shipping Lines, Manufacturers/Locators, Truckers/Forwarders, Brokers, Consolidators, and Transshippers.


  • Asset Management Division

    This division's function is to provide simplified methodology to respond to planning and engineering requirements of the Seaport Department. It is also responsible for securing the inventory and maintenance of port assets, and ensuring safe deployment of port utility vessels. The Asset Management Division is composed of two (2) branches, namely: Engineering and Planning Branch, comprising of Vessel Operations and Warehousing Sections; and Maintenance Branch, comprising of Facilities Maintenance, Line Handling, and Marine Sections.

  • Corporate Division

    The Corporate Division's function is to manage administrative, as well as provide accounting services for the Seaport Department. It is in charge of facilitating the processing of documentation requirements of vessel and cargo entering and exiting the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. It is composed of four (4) branches, namely: Administration Branch, Billing/Processing Branch, Organizational Development Branch, and Statistics / Records Branch.

  • Marine Division

    This division's function is to administer and control port and harbor operations for the Seaport Department. It is also in charge of enforcing maritime rules and marine environmental regulations. It formulates security plans and assessments, and their implementation in accordance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. Along this line, its function includes investigation and analysis of maritime incidents and breaches in security procedures. This division is composed of four (4) branches, namely: Maritime Environment and Safety Branch, Port Traffic / Communications Branch, Ship Boarding Branch, and Maritime Security and Investigation Branch.

  • Policy Division

    The Policy Division plays a very vital role for the Seaport Department since it functions not only as the department's policy-making body, but also as its marketing arm. Moreover, the Policy Division serves as the Seaport General Manager's trusted secretariat. It is responsible for the formulation, development and review of maritime regulations, business development strategic plans and development of policies, as required. It also acts as a regulating body, counterchecking completeness and accuracy of documents prepared/submitted by other offices of the department. It is in charge as well of safekeeping records and controlling provision of documents for security purposes. It is subdivided into three (3) branches, namely: Maritime Regulations Branch, Maritime Business Development Branch, Strategic Planning and Policy Development Branch.

  • Terminal Division

    This division is responsible for administering cargo clearances for both containerized and non-containerized cargoes, along with preparing and issuing tally sheets for documentation. It is in charge of monitoring loading and unloading operations at port facilities to ensure port safety at all times. It is composed of four (4) branches, namely: Bulk Control Branch, Container Control Branch, Cargo Monitoring Branch, and Shipyard and Field Monitoring Branch.

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