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Joel J. Ea, MMBM, CSEE

Joel J. Ea, MMBM, CSEE

Office Head

About Us

The Internal Audit Service (IAS) is an independent staff unit of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) mandated by law under Republic Act 3456, as amended by Republic Act 4177. These laws mandate the institution of internal audit in government agencies.

The IAS assists the SBMA in the effective discharge of its responsibilities, without intruding into the authority and mandate of the Commission on Audit (COA) granted under the Constitution.


To provide independent, objective assurance and other constructive services designed to add value and improve SBMA's operation, thereby helping the organization in accomplishing its objectives by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach, and in improving the management of risk, controls and governance processes.


We will be regarded as a valued resource by the Management and recognized partner of SBMA offices and departments in accomplishing their objectives.

Our Functions

The Internal Audit Service is composed of two divisions namely: Management Audit Division (MAD) and Financial Audit Division (FAD). Our functions include:

  • Operations Audit
    • To determine whether the Agency's operations including the management and personnel structure are effective, efficient, ethical and economical, and redound to better public services, accountability and good governance
    • To determine compliance with established internal control structures, policies and procedures, and ensure that set standards function, as prescribed
    • To assess the condition of existing and on-going SBMA's information technology and other infrastructure projects based on approved plans and funding (Ex. Road Infrastructure Audit, IT Infrastructure Audit)
  • Financial Audit
    • To determine the adequacy of internal controls over financial transactions in order to safeguard government resources
    • To determine the status of locators' compliance with their lease agreements with SBMA and to evaluate SBMA concerned departments' administration of the agreements
  • ISO Internal Quality Audit
    • To verify conformance of practice with the SBMA Quality Management System (QMS); to evaluate the effectiveness of the QMS; and to identify areas for potential improvements
  • Follow-up Audit
    • To determine the status of implementation of audit recommendations and/or actions taken by the auditee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the qualifications and experience of the IAS staff?

    • The education, experience, training and eligibility of IAS staff are in conformance with the Qualification Standard of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) of the Philippines.
    • Currently, IAS is headed by a Department Manager with Masters of Management in Business Management. It has three (3) certified public accountants, two (2) licensed engineers, and one (1) systems analyst. The rest of the staff have business-related courses with relevant experiences in accounting, auditing, marketing and customer-service.
    • At present, IAS conducts Internal Quality Audit with its Manager as SBMA's designated Lead Auditor.
    • IAS ensures and provides continuing education to all of its staff through annual audit-related trainings, ISO-Internal Quality Audit Training, leadership seminars, conferences and workshops.
  • To whom does the internal auditor report?

    • IAS, through the Department Manager, directly reports to the SBMA Administrator/CEO and to the Chairman/Head of Agency. In some cases, IAS also reports to the Audit Committee of the SBMA Board of Directors.
  • Are actions taken on the internal audit findings?

    • It is our procedure to submit our audit report to the auditee, and request responses to our recommendations and plan of corrective actions prior to submission to the Offices of SBMA Administrator/CEO and Chairman/Head of Agency.
    • Audit reports are also presented during Management Committee meetings chaired by the SBMA Administrator/CEO and normally attended by Senior Deputy Administrators and Deputy Administrators, where concerned department/office heads are instructed to act on audit findings/recommendations.
    • Moreover, follow-up audits are conducted to monitor status of implementation of IAS recommendations.

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