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Regulatory Building, Rizal Highway corner Labitan Street, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Tel. No.: +6347.252.4656 / 4059
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Amethya L. Koval

Amethya L. Koval

Department Head



The Ecology Center was created under Section 96 of Republic Act No. 7227 to protect the environment and natural resources within the Subic Freeport Zone, and specifically to:

  • Be responsible for implementing all environmental and natural resources conservation and protection programs
  • Undertake functions associated with environmental management, including but not limited to enforcement, monitoring, permitting, training and education, and contingency and emergency planning



  • Planning, Administration & Information Management Division (PAID)

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4435 / 4155

    • Provides over-all administrative, logistics, planning, and information support to the day-to-day operations and activities of the Department Head and technical staff
    • Prepares the Department's management plans and yearly budget, consolidates regular accomplishment reports of the different divisions, coordinates trainings/workshops and handles other HRD concerns
    • Handles office supplies, facilities and equipment, including the conduct of physical assets inventory
  • Regulatory Permitting Division (RPD)

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4059

    • Leads in the issuance of environment-related permits and clearances such as tree-cutting/trimmings, movie shootings, fishing tournaments and others; as well as the conduct of inspection prior to permit issuance
    • Leads the pre-processing of project proposals, CNC (Certificate of Non-Coverage) or ECC (Environmental Compliance Certificate) of incoming and existing locators, and endorses theirrequests to the DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) Central Office
    • In charge of the monitoring of locators/projects in the construction stage and supervises the installation of pollution control devices (drainage construction, others)
  • The Policy and Monitoring Division (PMD)

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4416

    • Oversees the formulation of environmental policies and guidelines, and the monitoring of existing locators in the operations stage in their compliance to environmental standards based on the issued ECC or submitted Environmental Management Plans
    • Leads the Department in responding to environmental hazard calls and pollution incident reports
    • Enforces environmental regulations by initiating the issuance of Notices of Violation and/orletters of warning, and conducts hearings relative to such
    • Handles the implementation of the SBMA's waste management system and is likewise involved in project management and implementation
  • Environmental Protection and Community Development Division (EPCDD)

    Tel. No.: +6347.252.4656

    • Monitors ambient water, bio-physical and air quality within SBFZ
    • Conducts research and updates environmental statistics (water and air quality, flora & fauna, extent of pollution, etc.)
    • Implements and manages biodiversity conservation programs (marine turtle conservation, bat counting and protection, forest fire prevention, ecotourism site enhancement, etc.) and manages forest and marine areas through the implementation of the Protected Areas Management Plan (PAMP)
    • Responds to hazard calls as needed
    • Networks with other environmental and research agencies
  • Social Development Division (SDD)

    Under an Interim set-up, SDD have been merged to form the EPCDD.

    • Promotes environmental awareness and initiates coordination and cooperation with different stakeholders (adjacent communities, LGUs, NGOs/POs, PAPs, other SBMA departments, agencies, etc.) relative to such projects
    • Implements the Social Fencing Program (innovative strategy to contain poaching and encroachment into Freeport territories), which involves the monitoring of Community-Based Forest Management Agreements with five (5) community associations
    • Handles the development and implementation of social programs for communities within the SBFZ as well as conducts Information & Education Campaigns (IEC), socio-economic impacts and assessment of same
  • Social Development Division (SDD)

    Under an Interim set-up, EPAD have been merged to form the EPCDD.

    • Manages the tree nursery, including the regular collection and raising of planting materials
    • Provides planting stocks needed for SBMA's annual tree planting activities and reforestation program
  • Pastolan Forest Conservation Group

    Under an Interim set-up, Pastolan Forest Conservation Group have been merged to form the EPCDD.

    • In charge of the maintenance, expansion and protection of the SBMA reforestation areas
    • Constructs fire lines, establishes fire breaks, and collects planting materials

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