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Jennifer T. Guiang

Board Secretary

About Us

The Board Secretariat is the administrative arm of the SBMA Board of Directors and serves as the official records custodian of all board resolutions, minutes of the board meetings, and other corporate documents of the SBMA Board. Among its primary functions are recording and documentation of Board meetings, issuance of Certifications of Board Resolutions, and preparation and safekeeping of Minutes of Board Meetings and Certifications of Board Resolutions.


To provide the most efficient service in Board meeting management, including 100% accuracy in the recording of Board meetings and 100% effectiveness in retrieval of corporate records.


Electronically recorded filing system and effective Board meeting management through the use of digital technology.


Policy on Submission of Matters for Inclusion in the Agenda

  • Deadline for submission of the matters for inclusion in the Agenda shall be three days (3) days before the scheduled meeting or as scheduled by the Board Secretariat.

  • Submitted proposals should have the prior endorsement/approval of the Office of the Administrator, or in the absence of the Administrator's written approval, the certification from the concerned Senior Deputy Administrator that the proposal has already been pre-cleared with the Administrator.

  • Any matter cognizable for the Board's approval submitted to the Office of the Corporate Secretary without the benefit of a Written endorsement from Management, and without the approval of the Administrator shall not be included in the Agenda.

  • Requests for inclusion in the Agenda should be accompanied by the following:

    • A formal written endorsement addressed to the SBMA Board of Directors stating therewith the recommendation of the requesting Department and Senior Management (Deputy Administrator/Senior Deputy Administrator).

    • Executive Summary/Endorsement of the measures accompanied by the name and signature of the proponent;

    • A brief legal endorsement/Certification from the Legal Department stating therewith their comments if the same has no legal infirmity if approved by the Board (as may be deemed necessary depending on the nature of the matter-request);

    • Endorsement of the various concerned departments such as Ecology, Fire, Legal, Accounting and others (as may be deemed necessary depending on the nature of the matter-request).

  • The presence of the recommending officers (Department Head, Deputy Administrator and Senior Deputy Administrators or their representatives) are enjoined in the Board Meeting.

  • The Board shall not entertain any insertions of any matter not included in the Agenda of the scheduled meeting except for matters of high exigency; Aside from the requirement for inclusion in the Agenda as stated in the Proposed Policy, various proposals for the Board's favorable consideration should be further accompanied by other documents as maybe required by the Board for information.

Policy on Issuance of Certifications of Board Resolutions/ Secretary's Certificates
  • The Corporate Secretary issues Certification/Secretary's Certificates of matters/resolutions based from the Minutes of the Meeting. The Corporate Secretary can only issue Certificates if the Minutes of the said meeting have already been ratified by the Board.

  • Certifications of Board Resolutions can only be released upon written request of concerned party/office/department through a Memorandum or by filling up the Request form for Board Resolution so that their request will be facilitated.

  • Certifications of Board Resolutions should be for internal use of SBMA operating departments for the purpose of facilitating documentation of Board approvals.

    Requests of "Third Persons" for copies of Board Resolutions should be coursed through the SBMA Freedom of Information Program via the SBMA Office Services Department - Auxiliary Services Division (ASD), with the following contact information below, or visit

    Phone Numbers: (047) 252-4188/ (047) 252 - 4187/ (047) 252 - 4469
    Email address:

    In reference to item b of Board Resolution No. 12-04-4346, Policy on Providing Copies of SBMA Board Resolutions and Certifications: Third Persons, subject to approval of the Chairman and Administrator upon request indicating the intended use of the requested resolution or certification; provided that, such request will only be granted upon showing of good reasons for such request; provided further that, for the avoidance of doubt, "third persons" shall be understood to mean any person who is not subject of the requested resolution/s.

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