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Karen G. Magno

Karen G. Magno

Department Manager III

About Us

The BID for Manufacturing and Maritime Business serves as the Agency's investment arm in promoting the investment opportunities available in the SBFZ. It facilitates both local and foreign investments to ensure that industries like ship repair, shipbuilding, high-value manufacturing and other related industries can be developed in accordance with the rules set forth in RA 7227 and in line with SBMA's vision.

This Department handles the two (2) biggest sectors in the SBFZ, which are Manufacturing and Maritime-related businesses that account for 14.30% and 46.62%, respectively, of the cumulative investments in the Freeport from 2005 to 2010. In terms of contribution to the employment, the Manufacturing and Maritime sectors account for 17% and 29.08%, respectively, of the active workforce in the SBF as of 2010.


  • To promote Subic Bay Freeport Zone's strategic strengths both here and abroad to create an investment site that improves the competitiveness of its locators, accelerates inward investments and exports and increases employment opportunities
  • To facilitate all local and foreign direct investments effectively and efficiently
  • To serve as an investment arm that highly values honesty, integrity, and transparency
  • To be responsive in the changing trends of global trade and commerce

Our Functions

  • Renders investment-related assistance to prospective and current locators
  • Briefs, corresponds, performs site election and negotiates with investors
  • Evaluates all assigned investment proposals according to a set of criteria and submits appropriate recommendation to the Administrator and the SBMA Board
  • Facilitates and coordinates matters between investors and SBMA departments for technical comments and clearances
  • Prepares necessary documents such as checklist and evaluation reports present it to SBMA Chairman and Board of Directors for final approval
  • Formulates business and investment-related policies
  • Conducts research study for the development of Subic Bay Freeport's investment competitiveness
  • Represents the SBMA in meetings, seminar and other activities related to the industries being handled

Our Services

  • Investment Processing
  • Endorsement on the amount of Investment for Tax Exempt Vehicle Application
  • Endorsement for SEC , PCAB, NTC, BFAD, BOI and MARINA
  • Issuance of Certification as an SBF Registered enterprise
  • Investment Guide for site identification

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