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Panfilo S. Jurilla

Panfilo S. Jurilla


Account Officers

  • Engr. Panfilo S. Jurilla

  • Mr Gerry Ryan C. Vistan

  • Ms April B. Magtoto

About Us

The Business and Investment Department for ICT (BID-ICT) was created in 2007 to find new sources of quality jobs and investments in order to accelerate the development of the Freeport's economy and facilitate competitiveness locally and globally.

Specifically, the BID-ICT focuses on generating opportunities for its target market the ICT sector. It is one of the Agency's industry-focused departments, which together with the four others, namely Leisure, Manufacturing and Maritime, Logistics, and General Business make up the SBMA's Business and Investment Group.


With the growth of the ICT business in the country, Subic Bay shall be transformed into a vibrant service-oriented and business-friendly Freeport Zone driven by Information and Communications Technology. The development shall be fueled by ICT investments that will make Subic globally competitive. In Subic Bay, ICT and business will become inextricably interwoven.


To spearhead the development of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone into a world class Information and Communications Technology hub by fostering a fair and business-conducive environment; and to ensure availability of up-to-date information and resources necessary for intelligent decision-making and execution by the SBMA Board of Directors and Management, as well as the provision of various support services.

Our General Functions

  • To create, promote and realize the vision of the Subic Bay Freeport as an ICT Hub and best location for ICT-related businesses;
  • To create business development opportunities in Telecommunications, Electronics, Information Communications Technology, and ICT-enabling & ICT-enabled industries in the Freeport;
  • To provide quality customer care for target locators, thus effecting a conducive business environment in the Freeport;
  • To develop, formulate, and implement programs in order to intensify the growth of the ICT business in the Freeport;
  • To fulfill goals and targets in order to take advantage of business opportunities that will continuously make upstream and downstream ICT suppliers and consumers in the Freeport thrive.

Our Core Functions

  • Investment Relations
    • Implement plans and policies to intensify the growth of the ICT Business in the Freeport;
    • Process investments in an effective, efficient, and timely manner;
    • Undertake expert study and purpose-serving recommendation on key provisions of contracts, propositions, and other related for-review submissions;
    • Process renewals of existing SBF Locators;
    • Monitor and pursue contract obligations and renewals;
    • Gather regular feedback surveys from clients for accurate and relevant identification of successes and failures as benchmarks for continuous service improvement;
    • Conduct preemptive survey and review of contract compliance clauses, agreement terms and conditions;
    • Create the best working environment for most cost-effective, unconstrained, liberated, dynamic, and flourishing Industry growth for both ICT, ICT-enabled and -enabling locators;
    • Participate proactively in the search for potential investment opportunities; and
    • Promote harmonious relationship, industrial accord, and goodwill among the different ICT industries.
  • Marketing and Brand Management
    • Position the Freeport as one of the country's premier ICT Hub;
    • Develop plans, strategies, policies and marketing efforts in order to attract and intensify the growth of the ICT businesses in the Freeport;
    • Provide accurate and relevant business performance analysis of existing enterprises in the Freeport;
    • Study ICT business opportunities and promote new ICT-related business ventures for potential and existing ICT investors/locators;
    • Perform surveys of locator needs for ICT and create proposal for their implementation and generally provide SBMA with additional revenue; and
    • Make certain that all special interest ICT matters such as project evaluations for economic viability and sustainability are facilitated efficiently and effectively

Industries Under and Processed by the BID for ICT (based on the Philippine Standard Industrial Classification)

  • Information
    • Print and Publishing Activities
      • Book, Newspaper, Journals and Periodicals Publishing
      • Printing of Photos, Catalogs, Tarpaulins, Greeting Cards, Posters
      • Other Printed Materials.
    • Software Publishing (readymade non customized software)
      • Operating System
      • Business and Other Applications
      • Computer and Mobile Games for all Platforms
    • Motion Picture, Video and Television Program Production, Sound Recording, and Music Publishing Activities.
    • News Agency Activities
    • Sale, Distribution and Marketing of the related and pertaining to the activities mentioned above.
  • Communications
    • Digital Advertising and Light Emitting Diode (LED) Billboard/Signage Operation
    • Television and Radio Broadcasting
    • Operating of Cable Distribution System (distribution of data and television signals)
    • Internet Access
    • Wired Telecommunications Activities
    • Wireless Telecommunications Activities
    • Mobile Telecommunications Activities
    • Satellite Telecommunications Activities
    • Management, Installation and Operation of Communication Sites and Towers
    • Other Telecommunication Activities
      • Distribution, Sale and Marketing of any communications services, equipment, devices and accessories.
  • Technology
    • Computer Programming, Consultancy and Activities alike
      • Activities of writing, modifying, testing, and supporting software
      • Database Development
      • Management Information System
      • Web Design
      • Software Application Development
    • Computer Consultancy and Computer Facilities Management Activities
    • Online Marketing and Selling
    • Other Information and Technology Services
      • Computer Disaster Recovery
      • Web Portal Operation
      • Management Information System
      • Website Hosting
      • Distribution, Sale and Marketing of Computers, Parts and Accessories
  • Other ICT related activities
    • Contact Centers and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in relation to the above activities and/or use of the internet/telecommunication facilities in the transfer/transmission of data and information.
    • On-Line and Other Related Media Activities
    • Telephone and Internet Base Information Services

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